Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter to Idaho state legislature

To all it concerns,

I have tried being polite and I still find myself pulling my hair out not only due to their omnipotence, disrespecting their constituents nationally but locally and I felt it was time to speak my peace. Our government has run a muck.

It appears their really are only a few who are truly interested in the constitution and representation of their constituents. Are there any among you who have the ability to stand against the social pressures of political correctness that is aiding in the destruction of our culture? Do any of you have the backbone and the strength to stand on what you believe is right or wrong or do you find that their really isnt anything wrong?

Deception, selfishness, putting political career before representation,before honesty and integrity? Fiscal and social irrespsonsiblity, lax immigration laws, lack of integrity, constitutional violations, and the "Im gonna get mine attitude?".

I just wanted to ask if your elected position seems like a game, your elected leadership positions in the great state of Idaho?

I heard someone say "Thats just politics" Is that really what what we should expected from our representatives?

I hope that any of you that are running for another term that continue to usurp your power are voted out on your ear this year and that the people you say you represent are intelligent enough to see that any of you that put your career before those you serve are removed.

Your people are angry, my best advice is to listen!

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