Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No King but King Obama, All Hail King of the World!!!!

As the world hails King Obama at the UN summit some of us are left angry and speechless at some of the comments that Our king said to the world, although they really are no surprise.

America was a much different place in the beginning than it is now and make no mistake the differences are and have been made on purpose. When I was growing up America was a proud nation, a patriotic nation, a God fearing nation and a nation where we loved and cherished eachother and what we shared. We were united in our belief and our freedom of limited government for we knew where that source of freedom came from. (God)

Today is much different, we have allowed multiculturalism to sweep over our land, we have allowed facts to have been distorted with relativism and we have somehow lost our desire for personal responsibility as individuals giving way to the exponential growth of government and seem to actually now prefer it this way. What are we united in today as a nation? Religious belief, politics, family, morals, values, economy...The answer is "no" to all of the above.

What was the saying? "United we stand divided we fall?" I think this statement carries more wisdom than most people realize.

Well, I would say from evidence in the media that we are not united as a nation but the move, instead, apparently is to try to unite each country equally globally. How do we think that we begin to unite the world when we cannot unite our own country? Perhaps a bit uptopian?

The reason for this post was to highlight some of our dictator's quotes from most recent speech from the UN and compare them to the Constitution of the United States vs the New world order, the latter of which by the way has been considered for years to be a "conspiracy theory."

"The people of the world want change," Obama said in his first address to the U.N. General Assembly. "They will not long tolerate those who are on the wrong side of history."

"Change", there's that word again, Don't even think that he is speaking on behalf of my family and I.I am a little worried here. Who dictates who is on the wrong side of history, Obama, his administration or the UN? Is it the power of government? Will the Muslims at the UN make me on the wrong side of history because I am a Christian? Take into considerarion that people like myself have recently undergone character assasination and made to appear as domestic terrorists and right wing extremists. Will we be considered those on the wrong side of history?
I know he can't be talking about himself, Mr. Anti-American, anti-freedom, pro-socialist, Marxist or people who follow his agenda, the Mighty prolatariat. Why do you suppose there are some who deny the holocaust ever took place, that Jews were in fact, not one even speaks of the 10 million Christains that were killed.

Obama said he will never apologize for defending U.S. interests. Is our president lying to the world (again) when he makes this statement to the world after he has clearly apologized for the decisions we have made before as a country.

"with the overarching message that the United States has no interest in a go-it-alone stance and instead wants to act as an equal partner with others on the world stage."

Who is he kidding? Does he really think that our interests lie in a global governance? Is this how he views the purpose and role of the American government? What happened to America's sovereignty? Did you see where he said "overarching" this should have been his campaign word not "change!"

Our fearless dictator has overarched in every area he is interested in having power. Do I need to list the powers of the president as defined in the Constitution? Do I need to stress that he is under oath to "uphold the Constitution of the United States?

""The time has come for the world to move in a new direction," Obama said. "Our work must begin now."

The world? Who is this guy, King of the world? Where does he feel so powerful that he can stand before the world and tell them what they need to do much less have the power to tell his own country what we need to do...Have we forgotten he is a servant to the people? I would like to tell him What I think he should do, will I have the opportunity? One would only hope!

Obama said. "No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed. That is the future America wants."

"This isn't socialism, this isn't Marxism? The hell it isn't! This isn't protecting and serving this country in the interest of it's people where he does, as defined by the Constitution, have the power and are within his presidential duties.

"Obama called on fellow leaders to help bring about a nuclear weapons-free world,"

Yeah, He isn't going to take our guns away and neither are the appointed communists, czars, excempt from congressional approval, whom answer only to the president with no accounability or congress. Hello! If he desires a nuclear free world, do you not think for one minute he doesn't want a weapons free world as well? How is it that people cannot make this connection?

"climate change and to create more economic opportunity."

he has been so completely brainwashed to believe the human race are the one's that have perpetuated this problem and that their could be no possibility that the world could be going through a cycle of it's own? As no surprise, as a Marxist, he understands that their is no room for God, that humans are all powerful and that we know have now gained all authorative omnipotence to give life, manipulate it and take it away, that something as insignificance as the human race can now control our planet and the entire galaxie? Where did this guy learn this and where are the facts that he used to support his position?

"The world must stand together to demonstrate that international law is not an empty promise and that treaties will be enforced."

The world?International law? So, are we abolishing state and federal law now? When was he going to tell us this? He wasn't, he doesn't have to, why should he speak of something so few know about? Is this within the guidelines of his presidencial limitations? NO!!!

On the warming planet, he said "the danger posed by climate change cannot be denied — and our responsibility to meet it must not be deferred."

Scare tactics, Fear-monger...I bet I have heard more people call me that than have said it to him, why do you suppose I am looked at as a fear monger but Our fearless communist leader can conspire with people like Al Gore and say that if we do not act now "we will have passed the point of no return". Dangers cannot be denied? Our responsibility? This is another sham, just like the rest of his "shove down your throat" legislation, there is a reason but is not what you think.

This is yet one more way that the government can expand it's reach and create another blank check in which to squander your tax payer dollars.

He has no desire to protect this country from enemies foreign OR domestic, he has no desire to uphold the Constitution, he has no desire to allow prosperity and freedom to flourish.

He wants all to worship him, all to bow to him and say "All hail King Obama, King of the World"

Which I will never do!!!

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