Saturday, September 26, 2009

America as the last man standing

In a speech in New York, Geert Wilders exposes the fate of this country as he has been trying to get people to listen for years but made instead to be "intolerant."

This speech is rather lengthy but worth the read because if we do not awaken, we will be forced to conform to this middle eastern culture, Women? Atheists? You may want to read this article. My suggestion is for America to wake from it's sleepy "tolerant" fog and smell what is coming.

Atheists, Deists and those whom believe and fight for the mythical "separation of church and state", I have one question....

How will you react when it comes to a point where you will no longer have people greet you saying Merry Christmas and urging you good will and God's blessings while you try to remove every aspect of God out of society but instead will rather be forced to face toward Mecca and acknowledge Allah and face brutality and/or execution if you don't?

Don't take my word for it, read history and watch Europe, watch America fold and accept the enemy to the West [and Christianity] because whether you believe we are a Christian nation or not, they know it to be true and will spare no expense to make the whole world submit to Allah!

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