Thursday, September 24, 2009

Christian prayer out, Muslim prayer in?

As some of you know I was raised in Honolulu and my best friend's sister was one of Barry soetero's classmates. This really isn't the purpose of the post, I am just still having a difficult time with people's acceptance of our new fearless dictator.

Last week I wrote about an article I had found where the White house may have planned on celebrating by hanging the communist flag of China over the White house celebrating the peoples republic of China, New China as they march toward communism and also included an article about Obama's denial of Christian day of prayer but accepting a muslim day of prayer on Capital hill instead.

Thinking about these things for the last several days, it had occured to me how resilient or numb the American people have become or at least some of them-and I haven't figured out which.

Do you find it as strange as I do that a segment of the Black population of this country still take every opportunity to flash their race card to try to advance their issues and play them as equal rights? How long exactly has slavery been abolished but still they continue to use it to advance their agenda.?

Are the white people still racist by choice or being forced to appear that way by the fact that this black population cannot assmlilate into society and come to the realization that that racism no longer is a problem at least for the majority of the populace. It seems pretty clear that they have set a presidence for other minority groups to follow, to acheive their indiviual goals to try to fulfill their agenda as well.

Slavery was a tragic time in history and I am glad seeing that we, as Americans, have put this behind us. The true Isrealites in the Bible were also held in bondage for over 400 years and this too seems to have been something we have also let pass.

With the violent history of the Muslim population, which is still relatively unknown by the masses but supposed to be FRESH in our minds due to the recent terrorist activity why is it that we have come to embrace such a people with such open arms knowing what they have done to compromise the security of this country and continue to do without anyone believeing that this is their desire and their objective?

If Hitler, Stalin, Mousellini and others were alive would we welcome them the same way?

Thinking about what America said after the Holocaust and 9-11 " We will never forget" I am left wondering exactly what that means if we are to welcome in the very people who compromise our freedoms and our security. Have we, as a nation, become so numb that we are unable to see that a threat is before us? How long will it be before people see it?

In summation, The white people have moved past the bondage of the Isrealites, the Jews have come to terms with the horrifics of the Holocaust,The few Christians whom are educated enough to know that in the Holocaust 10 million Christians were killed somehow and have put that aside, the Chinese and Japanese people have assimilated and have too let their oppresion pass, the Americans have unbelieveably somehow forgiven( or denied) the terrorist attacks as early as 10 years ago but yet a portion of black people and others who still feel cheated are still hanging to their valuable "race card." Is it because they feel it is all they have left?

Since we have given great attention to the minorities and the oppressed in this country what do you suppose would happen if those whom have moved passed this oppression decided to bring it all back up again?

What do you suppose would happen, specifically, if the Christians began to speak of their attrocities and mass murders that they had to endure? We know the answer to that don't we?

The threats in this country are real, from every side, including and especially the inside, when will people begin to see the dangers we face and quit embrasing the Utopian multiculturalist ideal that we can all just coexist in peace and harmony...It will never happen....Unless...

Keep smokin' or poppin whatever makes you believe it if we can get everyone to pop it or smoke it, maybe just maybe...

Yeah, Multiculturalism isn't a problem in this country. Let us not heed warnings from the grave of those whom possessed more wisdom than most of today.

" No nation has ever been able to withstand the dangers of Multiculturalism"
Ben Franklin

Two days of celebration coming up in Hawaii:

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