Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He isn't a Muslim, He isn't a socialist, he isn't a...

Remember when Mr. O was campaigning and there were a few that considered what he was campaigning to be Socialism? Then He was approached by Joe "The plumber" and the truth came out about him wanting to spread the wealth? Then people including himself even today say that isn't socialism, bank ownership isn't socialism , government run healthcare isn't socialism, graduated tax, elimination of "class antagonism" by giving to those who don't have taking from those who do isn't socialism?

He is involved in speaking to our children, calling musicians names and has something to say about the way an officer of the law handles himself? He sure is involved in EVERYTHING!!! He can recommend discipinary actions and condemn other countries for acting a certian way ( when he acts that way himself) and make strong recommedations that the country that has kicked out a communist dictator for being unconstitutional should be re-instated. ( in regards to the issue in Honduras) and be able to abolish term limits for that country?

There were questions regarding his citizenship and his religion citing that he may be Muslim just to name a few and thoughts dismissed and kept silent by the mainstream media or made those in question look like whack-jobs.

Then he takes the oath of office to uphold the constitution of the United States and does the opposite. He has a speech in which he denies that we are a Christian nation and instead says we are the largest muslim population, while calls Americans "domestic terrorists" and "right wing extremists, oh and my favorite, ANYTHING THAT IS SAID IN OPPOSITION TO HIM IS RASCISM? Give me a break sir, I voted for Alan Keyes last year, A BLACK MAN!!!

Did it ever occur to your peanut brain that it isn't the color of your skin that people have a hard time with, it is your Marxist policies? But you actually knew that, you just like to create animosity between classes of people and try to revive the "race issue" that if left alone would have died in the 1960's?

If the American people could ask him a question and he would be bold enough to answer it instead of dodging difficult questions knowing without the telepromter he would probably incrimminate himself, we may not look at him as a liar or someone who hasn't stopped campaigning and started being president.

So, I find out that he is celebrating Chinas communism by flying the communist flag over the white house lawn on September 20th, (for links see previous post) I thought this was unbelievable until I read today that he has decided to celebrate the "MUSLIM DAY OF PRAYER" AT THE WHITE HOUSE with 50,000 muslims on the 25th??


Remember him saying we were not a Chrsitian nation but the largest Muslim nation?

Did you know that he denied for the first time ever having the Chrsitian prayer breakfast this year?

Did you know On Aug. '09 The Obama Administration Denied (for the first time ever) a Flyover at the 43rd annual 'God and Country' Rally in Colorado and other states, "because of its CHRISTIAN nature."

He has visited other countries including Muslim countries and felt he had to apologize for our mistakes, He bows to the King of Saudi Arabia?

According to msn today, He is willing to excecute a sniper that was trying to shoot him but willing to allow leniency to the terrorists whom have killed many innocent Americans? (Looking out for number one ay, Mr O?) The one thing that the constitution declares as his duty he forfeits, the protection of this countries citizens!!!

Tell us Mr. O, who are you? What are you and what exactly do you want? ( Like some of us don't already know!)

With the ignorance of so many Americans you could probably tell us the truth and they would welcome whatever it is whether it be to turn us into a communist nation (duh) rape our wives or destroy our families and property or outright saying you desire to be the dictator of this country in the name of tolerance and diversity.

One thing is for sure, sir, whatever you got going it surely isn't what our founders had invisioned.

There will be people who will disbelieve anything people like me write so congratulations are in order for decieving those who do not know any better.What a tremendous thing you have accomplished but people are waking up, my friend, and for your sake I hope your plans are firmly established because for every action there is and equal and oposite reaction and you are seeing the beginning of it.

Does someone see a pattern here? I didn't think so.

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