Friday, September 25, 2009

Battle hymn of the Republic King Obama part 2


His holiness has now been elevated by our indoctrinated school children! How proud these public school indoctrinators should feel at the successful accomplishments of turning our chiuldrens minds to mush!!!

So, he has taken government ownership of the banks, the auto industry, working on the newspapers and the media whom have sold out to him before he was sworn in, and now he wished to speak to our children citing that there was no harm in his message...yeah right, another LIE!

When in history has any other American president been elevated to the messiahship of Jesus Christ? Is it no wonder that he denies Christ, He thinks he IS Christ!

The link below takes you to a classroom where active indoctrination takes place.

One thing to note is the title of the song which, with some thought will have you realizing you have also been duped!

The title of the original song was called
"The battle hyymn of the Republic" ( Notice how it didn't say democracy?)

So I ask you fellow Americans, do you not find this strange and unusual that our dictator in cheif has obtained such powers and can have the school brainwash your children while you are at work?
You can't really be okay with thihs, can you?

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