Sunday, January 31, 2010

Support ASPCA ?...How bout the children?

I recently saw commercial that really got me thinking, Rarely are they much more than an annoyance, with the volume loud and obnoxious but this one was a plea by Sarah McLaughlin that would tug on any heart strings of anyone with a pulse and is truly sad. View the video here: - 133k - Cached

Viewing the video, at first glance, disgusted that their would be so many people that I talk to that believe people are "genuinely good" that would have such disregard for the lives of thier pets, then became rather angry and disturbed that I would see such a commerical for animals that fail in comparison to the abuse our children receive or the failure to acknowledge the millions of babies that are aborted each day.

We have commercials about poor people, abused animals, those who are suffering in third world countries, and drug addicts. We have commericals that have become so graphic, it appears that it is necessary to get through to so many who have somehow become so numb to the things that really matter, missing the source of the problem.

Can you imagine what people would say if they had billboards of aborted fetus', or showing the pieces, parts of those who have been aborted? How graphic would they need to be for those to get it?
WHy is abortion considered a constitutional right but doing meth, abusing animals, committing murder and spousal abuse, just to name a few, are not?
Constitutional law's intent was to try to stop the abuses of the minority and to treat people with the same respect under the law, with strict regard to morality!
Rule of law not arbitrary rule of man!

Do you suppose that abortion photos and commercials are not televised or printed in newspapers or billboards because deep down people know it isnt merely a choice without consequences or because people would have to be held accountable for their failure to retain and exercise personal responsibility?

You know, there is one thing above all else, it is the selfishness and lack of personal responsibilty that is to blame, both as individuals and collectively as a nation and throughout the world.

All of the worlds problems stem from the selfish sinful nature of the individual who fail to take responsibiltity and the failure to be held accountable saying: " Dont Judge!"

When will we define the difference between judging others and holding people personally accountable for their actions? Isn't that what the law was originally used for? Now with it's "relative" nature has no absolute guideleines so " whatever is right for one individual may not be right for another. " If this is so then how do we accept the rule of law as anything but arbitrary?

Personal responsibilty, If you take the blame for the mistakes you make without blaming others, you wont have the need to be "judged" or held personally accountable avoiding the embarressment.
Next time we look for self help books, lets consider "How to hold eachother accountable without being offended", be good to eachother and exercise personal responsibility.
If we do, there would be little need for government control, what a concept!
Constitution revisited, limited government, personal responsibiltiy and our founders original intent!

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