Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Government control over the dairy industry 1

I received an email from a friend today that he asked me to forward to my friends when I received an email from a new friend that received my email from another friend who emailed me back to better inform me of what the impact of government owuld be in this industry. I love technology, you never know who gets the email you send.

Anyway, because I write about issues related to government issues as well as religion, I felt that this was an appropriate email to post to help inform the public.

I had asked if the information he sent me, including his personal information would be ok posted and he assured me it was fine, so here is the email regarding dairy legislation and the effects government control would have on the industry. The first letter is to the raw milk advocates and the response and rebuttal is in my next post.

Dear Raw Milk Advocate:

As you may be aware, there are currently proposed legislative rules before the House and the Senate in Boise concerning Cow/Herd Share Programs in Idaho and our ability as Farmers to continue to provide these services to people who wish to use them. There are some good parts to the proposed rules which will help to assure the cleanliness of the milk, such as regular testing of the milk for bacteria counts, etc. However, there is one proposal which could, in effect, drastically limit the availability of raw milk from Herd Share Programs in the future. That is that each herd would be limited to no more than three lactating cows or seven goats or sheep.

This limitation, in my opinion, is unrealistic, as it in no way serves to reduce the risk of contaminated milk; safe milk depends on cleanliness. But it does severely limit the amount of milk a single farm can produce for its boarders. Therefore it will limit the number of consumers who can use the boarding services.

If you agree, and you would like to help protect the right of consumers to drink raw milk please contact the legislators listed below and let your voice be heard IMMEDIATELY!

The House and the Senate work simultaneously to hear the rules. Below are each of the committee members of the Senate Agricultural Affairs Committee and their email addresses:

Senator Tim Corder (R), Mountain Home – Chair,
Senator Chuck Winder (R), Boise - Vice Chair

Senator Gary Schroeder (R), Moscow,

Senator Brent Hill (R), Rexburg,

Senator John McGee (R), Caldwell,

Senator Leland Heinrich (R), Cascade,

Senator Melinda Smyser (R), Parma,

Senator Edgar Malepeai (D), Pocatello,

Senator Les Bock (D), Boise,

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