Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mr President, you need to provide Jobs!!!!!

Oh, if I hear that one more time! As you may or not know, I have a deep respect for the "Law of the land" called " The Constitution" and every decision that is made in my head I try tobegin with:

1. Gods Law
2. Natures Law
3. Civil law

If civil law violates the other two then it really isnt a law at all, I think one of ouor founders said it. That being said, relating to the above statement, is job creation outlined in the "limited duties" of the president in our Constitution?

No, It is not! Not healthcare, not bank ownership, not real estate control, not food control, not freedom of speech supression, not calling the people who voted him into office names like domestic terrorist or right wing extremists or what not!

Our Constitution is being violated and if the people were educated in it enough and weren't out for their own special interests and including the will of the people in a republic ( NOT A DEMOCRACY) they would realize that it isnt at all majority rule!

I could go on forever about these issues but I wanted to share a thought I had.

As I was walking through the grocery store today, I passed by what was predominantly the younger generation using the unmanned checkout counters, you know the do it yourself checkouts that require no one to help you?

I wonder if they realize the hypocritcal nature of what they are asking the president to provide. I thought more about ATM's, gas stations( that were once manned and still are in Oregon) and other jobs that were terminated in the name of convenience.

Wake up people, if jobs are what you want then you may want to think and learn about the free market small business entities that have provided these jobs throughout our history and not condemn them while using your methods of convenience that have taken those jobs!

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