Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haiti: Deal with the devil?

I never really knew anything about Haiti until this last tragedy that devastated it's people.
I did know that they were considered a poor country and relied on foreign aid for existence but what I didn't know was the history that has haunted this island community and for how long.

Some say their had been a deal made with the devil somewhere around the time the French took over the Spanish occupation when they tried to forcibly convert them to Catholocism and deny all other deities.

What I understand this far is that Haiti has had a long , rough history. Can a country continue to last and at some point become prosperous when it is unable to take care of itself? Does it have that capability if foreigners would let the people live their own lives witout intervention?

I am reminded of a saying:

Lao Tzu - "Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime"

Are we perpetuating the problem by continually giving aid without teaching them how to become independent? If they are unable to work toward that independence have they not also become reliant, enslaved to the one offering the aid?

Although there history is tragic I see the only way to help them is to teach them and if they have the knowledge, stay out of their way, except where necessary, and have them build upon what they know.

I often wonder with all of the wars throughout the ages due to religion and property, if countries are somehow still using Haiti as a pawn, a patsy to trump one nation over another out of greed.

Anyway,I found an interesting article with regards to Haiti's history and thought it would better clarify just what has happened there since its founding.

Read it here:

I have friends that have been, are going and will be going to Haiti to help where needed. I know our pastor has asked our congregation to step up and send a group on a mission there to offer aid and to further the gospel of Christ in a land to offer home to the hopeless. I, for one, look forward to standing with others to help to those who desperately need it.

If there was no pact with the devil, the history that plagues this nation would be enough to consider making one who does not believe think otherwise.

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