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Why i hate public schools- walk in your shoes?

Why I hate public schools
Walk in your shoes?

My apologies for such a lengthy post but due to my activism and sensitivity to this issue and ad often as it comes up, i felt it was important to lay the issue out as completely as i could so that i would not be misunderstood. i hope that my point was made clearly especially due to its length.

I see posts from time to time that ask why people that oppose public school are so angry, why they seem not to have any feelings and why those that oppose, don't put themselves in the shoes of the teachers, almost suggesting that those that opposition feel and think like they do because they are ignorant or because they dislike teachers. These beliefs on all counts are completely inaccurate at least for me and I’ll tell you several reasons why.

First of all, I do not look at anything as if something is bad or good to begin with. The first test is lawfulness, is it lawful or is it unlawful overall.

The next test is looking a bit more closely at the creation of something like education and how invasive it is, again, not looking at how good or bad it is but how this creation and invasiveness fits within the law.

If the creation of something like education is lawful and it meets specific criteria, there should be no problem with its acceptance, if it does not; it is prima facia unlawful or unlawful on its face.

According to the federal constitution, the establishment of school is nowhere to be found because our founders felt not only should it be left to the states to decide, because closest was best, but believed that everything with regards to education should be left as the parents responsibility, not left to a government because it was not a delegated power. If it was within or became within their authority, it would take the power from the parents and give it to the state which could be viewed as an abandonment of personal responsibility and if not kept in check could be detrimental to a society because this created a system that could begin to teach anything it wanted without any way for the parents to control it.

When the founders considered education, they considered it based on only a few things in mind, that the children that passed through school would be taught uniformly, not only the principles of freedom through an intense learning of our history and civics regarding our present form of government but that they would all share the same faith that undergirded those principles of freedom by limiting government, not promoting a multicultural morally relative view of God like we have today. Our children were to be taught not only an acknowledgment of Christ, but to further the knowledge and understanding of scriptures.

If what I have stated has any validity then the truth and reality of why people are angry should already become quite clear.

If the US constitution has no mention of public school it was to be left to the states and the people.

If the state constitution mentions public school, does it make it lawful and constitutional? It depends. How it is written, how much control it was given, how much it has taken as it expands its powers, how transparent it is and how it spends and raises money. It also depends on who and how that money is received and what is actually taught.

Going back to the beginning of our history, if public school was set up to teach intense history to understand why our government is so important, does this school teach civics to perpetuate the understanding of this importance? It does not.

Does this system teach not only the faith of Christ and the relevance of Christianity to the principles of freedom and the perpetual unity of a nation? The answer is absolutely not! If this created entity teaches principles contrary to what it was intended, is it not easy to see why people are angry? If this system teaches generations of students principles contrary to what was intended, is it not clear to see the chaos in our society today and where the problems may be coming from?

Here are the facts:

We have allowed the federal government without the delegated authority or the right, to take control of a system that was meant for the states.

We have allowed the part that the state can control, also without the authority or the right, to control the people that fund it.

We have school board members, as well intentioned as they are, with no understanding of the proper application and limitations on their powers and as prior graduates from the system they support. These teachers apparently have no concept of the original intent of the constitution and its creation to preserve the rights of the people not to encroach upon them, which they do constantly either because they do not understand or they are forced to teach these principles against their will.

The local school boards act outside of their authority because they continue to spend beyond their budget and annually use coercion tactics to get bond levies past.

The state and the school districts rely on the federal government for funding, which the federal government lacks the power to do, because the establishment of the schools was to be a creation of the state and that the federal government is not a bank.

Many teachers support unions, without any knowledge of where the dues for the union go, in many instances to support an agenda that is completely contradictory to their beliefs but they submit by force to ensure their benefits. This is not freedom and is force against the will of the teachers that know better than to teach something they know is damaging to the children’s future and the prosperity of a nation.

This education system that was created violates the state constitution in Art. 9, section 1, “a free common school” because it not only charges for registration for school but for just about everything else. This is unlawful!

When the opposition challenges the authority of the revenue generators, it seems as if they are immune from having to answer to the tax payer that funds their salaries.

The administrations benefits are not only are guaranteed by the taxpayer but guaranteed for life and any shortfalls that may occur for non-productive investments fall on the taxpayer for those shortfalls.

Shall only a small percentage of the population carry the tax burden for those that do not pay? Shall teachers and government workers receive benefits for life at the expense of the savings and retirements of the tax payers? This is a violation of our republican form of government in that it supports a socialized equal government forced re-distribution of wealth from one individual to another.

Understanding the intent if the constitution and law in general, they were created with equality as the primary concern, that all laws, when properly applied, had to apply equally to all people and when taxes were necessary, the taxation was to apply equally as well and if benefits are allotted, if they were constitutional, which they are not, should also apply to ALL people equally.

Perhaps the most important issue regarding my frustration with public school is the fact that, whether by force or preference, our children have been propagandized to believe in such brainwashing dogma like the separation of church and state, in the God should be separated from government, not even realizing this is a Marxist principle not one consistent with America’s constitutional republic.

Why is this concept so important to our country, our freedom and the future prosperity? Because it is the one strike at our foundation that destroys the root of our republic, and the entire creation and understanding of our history, the fact that Rights come from a Creator, that these Rights are Unalienable, that no man can take them away and that governments were created to preserve these rights for future generations not to destroy, restrict , manipulate or interpret them…To preserve Our Unalienable Rights, that were given to us by God and that any other belief makes our rights subject to what government says they are, which has always ended in tyranny and oppression.

Quite simply, If you do not acknowledge the Creator as the giver of all rights, you are not only unlawful but support a form of government foreign to America, where your freedom is only subject to what some tyrant or oppressive government says it is.

This country is built on the rule of the written law, not subject to random opinions. We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy, where even the minority is protected and we were created as an experiment in “SELF- government” not reliance on it. Schools teach none of these principles.

If your children attend public school or you happen to be a teacher or school supporter, are you even aware of the detriments of this type of system on society?

If many of the supporters claim to be Christians and they openly deny Christ to our children in school, is that something you think God will forgive you for, for misleading them not by educating them but brainwashing them with principles that are contrary to our “free” country and the Biblical scriptures we claim so dear?

It was asked, “Put those that oppose public school in the shoes of supporters of such a system?” How about putting those that support public school in the shoes of those that understand the creation, funding and indoctrination of a monster, here to destroy our future!

I hope you can see by this post that my frustration is not meant to be a personal attack on teachers; it’s an attack on the system that is destroying the future of our kids enslaving our teachers!

Can you see why we are angry?

Tom Munds:

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