Sunday, February 10, 2013

Healthcare hearing-my statement

Healthcare state exchange statement February 7, 2013

Greetings Mr. Chairman and committee members, my name is Tom Munds from Caldwell, Idaho.

As Americans, It is our duty to challenge government authority whenever necessary as a means to remain vigilant preserving freedom for our posterity, but with the constant increasing barrage of assaults on our personal liberties and few standing against this assault, I stand before you with the respect I once had that has given way to genuine concern.

My concern is the continual encroachment on the rights of the people, specifically, but not limited to the federal governments assault on the states and the forceful submission to blind mandates with a variety of unknowns by a government that lacks the right, the authority or the proper jurisdiction.

As I attended the healthcare debate weeks ago, it was mentioned several times that we have a socialized system. If those in support of this system, state this as truth and the supreme court charged with guaranteeing a constitutional republican form of government also support this system, does this not only violate their oath, supporting a foreign form of government but prove that the supreme court rather than protecting and upholding the constitution has been hijacked and that they are nothing more today that nine tyrants or nine King Georges in black robes, not protecting our rights but now telling us what they are? How is this consistent with our principles of freedom established by our forefathers?

This healthcare issue should not be about how many people are without healthcare or how many people support this monstrosity because we are not a democracy, this should be about whether the Feds or the supreme court are within their jurisdiction and within their delegated powers to force states and the people to mandates when it is not only out of the jurisdiction of both but contrary to free sovereign and independent states and people!

If we are still a constitutional republic, which apparently we are not, and governments job is to preserve and not restrict the rights of the people and the states, how is this healthcare exchange consistent with these principles, when we are forced allow every branch of government and political subdivision to operate outside of their limitations by imposing mandates and unknowns on the people they swore to serve and protect?

The simple fact that our state would even consider a monster like this scares me because it leaves me questioning not only the integrity and knowledge of our state government but the backbone when it comes to protecting the people they represent.

If the people truly prefer a form of government foreign to our constitution then they do so at their ignorance, but if we still honor this document and the freedoms it secures, the only way this system of healthcare should even be adopted is by a proper constitutional amendment process where the people are fully aware of its ramifications not by a blind legislative enactment that will enslave them subject to random ever changing and hidden variables.

In case you can’t tell, I not only oppose this state exchange but oppose it with all of my being, not because I am insensitive to the needs of others but because it is purely unlawful!

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