Saturday, February 2, 2013

Video to all government officials in the country

Dear all,

My intention is never to abuse ones email but out of urgency an attempt to wake up our representatives that are to represent its people.

Our freedom is in danger, our safety is in danger and no one seems to care!

I have made it my personal mission to send his video out to every government official in this state with the understanding that today apparently fighting for and preserving liberty is no longer the job of our "elected" representatives, or to be protected by law enforcement but seemingly to leave it up to the people themselves.

Quite simply, government has two choices, historically, it can honor its oath and protect the rights of its people or by inaction choose not to.

I, personally am tired of the inaction and the silence of my reps and due to exhausting all of my efforts to hold them accountable, i feel trapped, cornered and After tireless attempts find absolutely no remedy.

This country, this state is in trouble, don't you think its time to do something about it before people get angry enough to do something they really would choose not to?

As a man of honor, integrity, love of God, family and my fellow man, i have chosen to stand.

I hope that you will join me and stand, spreading the message enough is enough!


You cannot both be for liberty and against it!

Tom Munds
God given,Constitutionally protected,Citizens Rights advocate
Twitter: @mundsTom
208 861-6405

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