Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wyoming abortion outreach for Dr. Brent Blue in Jackson, Wyoming, May 16-20, 2011

50 Prolife activists swarm the little town of Jackson Hole

Tuesday... Day 1

Many of you can attest to the sheer beauty and majesty of Wyoming. I live in Idaho and even I there in Wyoming found it breathtaking, the sharp still snow-covered mountain peaks, the clean air, the cleanliness of the town, it just seemed so fresh, so innocent and unadulterated. Although much of this was indeed true some of what was not seen was revealed while many of us took our message to Jackson Hole on a mission.

My friends from all over the country drove or flew from Kansas, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Colorado, Arizona and others as well as myself from Idaho converged on this little town led by Rev. Flip Benham’s Operation Save America and Pastor Mark Holick’s Spirit One Ministries out of Wichita, Kansas. As some have suggested it was a rude surprise attack it was actually a well-planned, completely announced trip.
The leaders of the group had, in weeks before, visited Jackson to put the plans in place informing local law enforcement, the media, etc. The local laws and ordinances and statutes were researched, with the help of the law enforcement to ensure no laws were broken; after all we were there to lift up the gospel of Christ to the streets not to beat people over the head or turn its town on its face.

With my experience in activism, Chaos is never our intention but it isn’t about what we want Is it? When activists go “to be active” there is usually opposition, it is understood and one is always considered the aggressor whether they are or not. Activists commonly view activism as soldiers in a battle, “in the trenches.” And when battles are fought, there are sacrifices, causalities and victories, to what degree is the only question. What is imperative is to make sure the benefits outweigh the risks or cost associated with that battle and once determined the mission moves forward.

After the final touches were done on the organization of this monstrosity, phone calls, emails, schedules and “50 person conference calls”( If you can imagine that!) people were ready to travel.

My friend , Coach Daubenmire and I communicated a few weeks prior to schedule when we would meet and how he would get there from Ohio, his original plan was to fly to Jackson but since I was planning on driving and appeared to be going alone, I mentioned to him that it was too bad he couldn’t fly to Boise and we could drive together- the next thing I know, I receive an email with his itinerary to BOISE and as a man of very few words, wrote” I’ll leave the driving to you!

As it turns out, flying from Columbus to Boise saved him about $400.oo on his plane flight, so we were ready. Coach came in late on Tuesday night and we left on Wednesday morning, after road closures to rock slides we arrived in Jackson eight hours later.

After a few hours to relax, we were blessed with the hospitality by Pastor Jon and his wife and their small Baptist church at the entrance to town that allowed us to use their facilities while we were there and where we met that evening for a small service and planning meeting. It was a great service with fellowship and camaraderie.

Due to the overwhelming response, all pictures, video, commetaries and testimonies will be available here where we have dedicated a page to Dr. Blue's outreach. Please feel free to visit and comment:!/profile.php?id=100002430715859

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