Sunday, June 5, 2011

50 Prolife activists swarm the little town of Jackson Hole Day 3

Thursday morning, wow, cold and clear, about 37 degrees, snow covered mountains, crisp, clean, windy and NO COFFEE! We began again at the high school but this time we were there with all of it-signs, PA system, and all of the local law enforcement was there!

This morning began slowly and fairly laid back but we knew it would be worse since we made the front page of the news and small towns are have said to know everyone’s business.

CHAOS! This morning, we were lined up for miles all the way to the high school entrance! Fingers, screaming, cops, horns blaring, parents out of their cars yelling at everyone who would listen, children standing in the windows flipping us off, WOW, what a wasp nest! Again, more anger from the parents and little to none from the kids, the kids actually seemed to enjoy something they had never seen, the sleepy town now was wide awake!

While this was happening however, there were still many great opportunities to reach out to kids, many still took literature and wanted to converse with us and we did, some even on video.
Two kids, even told me they believed in “population control”, when I asked them why they believed it, they said, while pointing to it, it was because they learned it in their public school! There you go folks, Marxist Indoctrination paid for at the expense of the taxpayer! Where the top baby killing corporation in America has free reign in all public schools across the country but Jesus and the effects of the baby killers, those children murdered destroying the future of their town aren’t welcome? It was sad, fun, frustrating and confusing for us all for no one had ever disturbed this peaceful little town, nothing like this had ever happened here before, it was amazing!

After the morning school outreach we went for a great local breakfast, read the papers and and no mention of us. We headed back to the streets of Jackson. We were stretched for miles, we even had local supporters stand with us, thanking us, like they were too scared to do it on their own. We had many people quietly and covertly give us their approval, the locals there really know how liberal their town is and don’t seem to want to upset them. One young lady I spoke with asked me” Do you know how violent we are, I hope you know that this will not be good for you.” I wasn’t surprised for is after all the liberals who preach peace and tolerance, why aren’t they, exactly?

The streets were filled by this time, again we had more opposition before we were even there, we had more horns, more cars, more fingers and more yelling. It appeared that we must have disrupted the town so bad, the parents had the kids stay home, which meant that they came to us instead and stood with us, only in opposition to us, it was great!

Interestingly enough, I met a neat woman whom had no spiritual affiliation, she was with also with a friend that also seemed to have direct affiliation but the other was an atheist.

ON camera, I asked the Atheist, what do you think the root cause of the debt is ( I chose debt because it is what people are most concerned with…money!) we face today and she said “who cares” I said, “so you think that your children should be left in a cesspool we created and have them clean up our mess? You think that the debt isn’t your problem, that you brought them up in a world to fend for themselves ?” I said, “so, you think we should just look out for ourselves and let everyone else figure it out, even YOUR CHILDREN”…she said “Yes!”

So I turned to her friend and said, what do you suppose the problem is and she said “selfishness and greed”. She agrees our rights are being stripped away and believes government is way too big but also believes the government should forcefully equally distribute the wealth (while she sits there with her nice car, obviously wealthy and well adorned). After about 45 minutes in really polite conversation about God, rights, freedom, forms of government, I snapped a photo with them, thanked them and moved on. What is interesting to note here is that these two friends, as nice as they are, are blinded by the fact that they are so diametrically opposed and unconsciously blame each other for the problems we face they don’t even know it! Greatt conversation and a wonderful lady I will never forget!

This rest of this day’s schedule followed as previous days, a break for lunch and back at it till 5PM, at this point everyone was talking, everyone was engaged, there were cops everywhere, there were cars stopping on the street engaging with those holding signs, both in support and opposition, there was laughter, there were tears and some anger as well but as video and pictures will attest, was a great day. What is the most important thing today was the fact that although the opposition was stronger, more came out to stand with us, they were no longer afraid, they loved it and stayed with us, attended church services with us until our mission was completed! Halleluiah!! Another great evening. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Kudos here again for their law enforcement. Others may not have agreed but my experience was such that I told them I’d be back again to buy them breakfast, they said, nah, when you come back it’ll be our turn, you did the other day, I still commend them so very highly, I told them I WOULD be back , I told they wouldn’t remember me, they smiled and said, “I doubt that!” One policman was so kind, he said he was looking for me to tell me he was praying for me...WHAT? Tears flooded my eyes! Truly an amazing town! I told these officers I would tell everyone about who they are how they were to us! A bitter sweet, love hate relationship here but I was having the time of my life just communicating with others and them allowing me to record our conversationson video, like Leno's "man on the street!"

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