Sunday, June 5, 2011

50 Prolife activists swarm the little town of Jackson Hole Day 2

Day 2
Wednesday morning we were up at 6AM and headed to the local high school to pass out prolife literature and to be available should the kids want to talk (When have they ever not wanted to!) It was cold but a smooth, relaxing morning, few knew who we were or why we there. Once school started we took off to the sidewalks at the center of town, where Dr. Blue’s office had the local Emerg-a-Care office in the strip mall, on a four lane road, where we didn’t realize till later, this was the only way to get from one side of town to the other, definitely in our favor for maximum exposure.

We set up a sound system, brought guitars, signs, bull horns, mega phones and of course the hated “graphic pictures.” And were there till about 1PM when we took a few hours for lunch. So far, at this point, you could feel a buzz, people started to realize something was happening, People were beginning to shout profanity and, of course the universal military sign for danger, flip the “F” fingers! Slowly people began coming out of their offices, calling law enforcement to see what they could do to get rid of us and “those pictures!”

After lunch, we were shocked by what we had seen, there were protesters with signs in opposition to our outreach! They were mainly high school kids but there were probably 15 of them. They made signs “Pro Choice” or “it’s good to have a choice”. Our group was elated at the opposition and welcomed them and we engaged in fantastic dialogue more times than not, we asked them if they knew why we were here and we had a chance to tell them which disarmed many of them, right away, some took a bit longer and some, not at all.

After hours of great video recorded dialogue and many pictures we all broke up about 5PM and went to dinner before another planning meeting and service Wednesday night.
At this point after we broke down the equipment and began to head back to the room, I was overwhelmed, I was broken, I was tired and I was experiencing such heartache when I saw all of the vile repudiations of the truth exposed by our existence here, “They hated us!”

I am still relatively new to the activism battle so it hit me hard but the guys that have been in this field all agreed, out of all the places in the country, ALL of them, Jackson Hole was the worst in the way they treated those in opposition, especially “out of stators.”, Never so many “F” fingers or verbal comments not necessarily by the kids as much as the parents driving in their cars with their children! I called my wife and told her I was beaten and wasn’t sure if I could do this anymore but realized differently after that evenings service, I was recharged and ready to go tomorrow for sure!

Several things were really interesting here. One thing is that I was shocked by the local law enforcement. My personal experience was the best I had ever had, the way they handled themselves, the way they introduced themselves and the friendships that I seemed to make with them, unlike any other state I have ever been, I bought them breakfast! The second thing was that people commonly complained that we were invading their state, imposing our ideas on them, I thought for a moment and asked why it didn’t bother them that the federal govermment was doing it much worse than we were…they were dumbfounded, I should have said we are here because of the commerce clause, eating here, and helping to boost their economy, they probably would have fell over backwards!

Due to the overwhelming response, all pictures, video, commetaries and testimonies will be available here where we have dedicated a page to Dr. Blue's outreach. Please feel free to visit and comment:!/profile.php?id=100002430715859

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