Monday, March 1, 2010

Final words regarding state legislature

Last week I decided to send my thoughts to the state legislature. I have been so tired of getting angry at my television and reading about all of the decisions our state has been making, as well as our elected officials nationally I felt I had to.

After my expression to the legislature I was not surprised that few wrote me back, only three, in fact, which to me is extremely poor considering the fact that it was easy to see I was upset with them, proof positive, I believe, that our officials could really care less about what we think.

Kudos, By the way to Senator Smyser who was brave enough to write me back and endure some apparently difficult questioning after I was warned repeatedly by other representatives to back off because I was too hard on her, Shame on you boys!

After going through my emails and questions I felt should be answered I did find perhaps I could have worded them a bit differently but didnt because I am sick of watching the dancing around being politically correct to those who are supposed to be representing the people, skirting the issues and being as indirect as possible.

When I recieveed an email from Senator Smyser asking me to speak on the phone rather than email, she was pleasant and answered all of questions exactly the way they were asked. She said that she appreciated my position and understood how angry I was and said she also appreciated my decire to say what I meant they way I said it. She didn't need any backup from politically correct MALE senators and reps, she did well all by herself, apparently with more Gusto than the men that didnt even bother to answer my concerns.

It is my belief that we have a neutered male culture these days, no testosterone, no backbone and not willing to stand for what they believe in, at least in the public arena without backing down. I would prefer we all believed the same way but since we dont, stand for what you believe... just stand for it without waivering in the wind, it makes you look like you dont know what to believe or you believe different things to different people...

Anyway, thank you to Senator Smyser for your willingness to speak with me when so many others would not engage in the concerns of thier constituents, so true to form of todays elected officials, its all about the career, isnt it?

I stand on my original statement, "If you are running for office as an incumbant and your desire is to further your career before your honest represention of the people, I hope the political winds blow such that you are removed and a lesson is learned.

A recent poll indicated that Idaho had the most conservative state legislature in the country, I guess I should be happy with what I have and be unwilling to wish for anything better because it would appear that that really isnt going to happen...

Two glasses of your favorite beverage, one has a small amount of poison and the other has a bit more...which one would you drink?

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