Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More government intervention in the auto industry?

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? I used to think those people were whack jobs that didn't have a clue about reality. I also used to think that "nerds" were stupid and no one would ever want to be one, feeling sorry for them for the way they looked.

Fortunately, as a child, I wasn't one who voiced how I felt about who they were and as a consequence of that gained many friends who were, some BTW, to be some of my closest friends today.

The reason why I say this is because just because something looks weird or sounds weird doesnt mean it is. It may be foreign or scary or uncomfortable but shouldn't be discredited just because those hearing it would rather remain ignorant of reality that do the research to find out the truth about a specific topic.

I cant help but wonder how many have heard conspiracies and ignored them as impossible only now to realize their was some truth, if not all true today.

Consider the present dismal decline of our country into submission. One instance of many is the government s intervention into the auto industry. Anyone with any sense understands that the government screws up anything they get their hands into and this industry is no exception.

Look back at the auto bailout when Obama said he had no desire to own the auto industry, then he bailed them out. Since then the industry has received more money. Chevrolet is troubled and has tried to compete with Toyota for years. Nissan second to Toyota leaving Chevy third or worse.

Isnt it surprising that all of a sudden Toyota is having issues with recalls on only the AMERICAN MADE CARS? First it was the gas pedal, then it was the brakes, what next?

Obama declared a day or so ago that the government may step in and have brake overrides installed in every car in the US.

What to my surprise? NOT!

Nissan today now has recalls on their brake systems AFTER Obama declares the possible mandate on all cars in the US.

Is Obama and congress truly playing a game of cat and mouse or is their any validity to what is really going on.

More thoughts:

Is this intervention of the government into the auto industry constitutional?

Is the government finding one more way to control the vehicles of the citizens?

If the government screws up everything, what makes someone think they wont screw this up and kill as many if not more than these supposed auto accidents?

Who will pay for these overide systems?


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