Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Auto industry recalls, fabricated?

My father in law has been a truck driver for 30 years. He has been politically astute for many years longer and has been sceptical of anything the government has ever done, almost to the point I thought he had to be off a bit somewhere

When we get together we talk politics and current events and share ourthoughts on the issues and I have learned alot from his perspective and from his knowledge of American history and enjoy our time together and what I didn't or couldn't believe I enjoyed because they were great stories, I know better these days.

"One day we were discussing issues about the auto industry recalls and he had said something I was unfamiliar with and had to do with when he was driving cross country. I was rather disturbed. He says it this way:

"Did you know that a few years ago when I was driving my truck there were rumors of trucks brakes locking up and no one seemed to know why? Research was performed and the cause was found.

Evidentally, the power grid and trucks electronics experienced some interference causing the trucks brakes to lock up or for the engines to die, really strange problems, I as a diesel mechanic had never seen anything like this before. The final solution ,they were told, was to install a resistor or transistor to prevent further interverence." To my knowledge their have been no more problems since."

I guess the reason for my post is to offer an alternative perspective on what may be the cause of these recalls. It sure seems coicidental to have all of these recalls fall on the heels of one another especially when the largest part of this began after the government got involved in the auto industry.

If this is any indication of how our government works, our founders had tremendoous foresight to keep our government "limited."

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