Monday, December 22, 2008

Will there be a "bailout?"

I read an article in the BW in which the writer was explaining about how we deserved a bailout within the same paragraph mentioning, appearing hopeful that Barack "Hussein Obama and his new appointees will "come to our rescue.". The writer continues on how "We" are the backbone of America and how hard we have worked for so long to get what we have, about those of us who have not missed payments on our mortgages or defaulted on our credit cards, about how we should try to find a way to tell our children "santa will not be bringing presents this year etc...

I would venture to guess that this particular writer not only voted for Obama but voted for him in hopes that he would be the one to give them all of the government programs he promised. Very few people realize the econonomic effects that these government programs.

As I have written before:

Why do you put more hope in the government for your freedom than you do in yourself? Why do you trust the government with your money than you do yourself? If you answered that "I dont", think again. The concept is quite simple really, limited government remains in control of the people, lesser taxes put more money in your pocket by paying less taxes, paying less taxes puts more money in your pocket...

Paying less taxes puts more money in your pocket
Paying less taxes puts more money in your pocket...

We do not need a bailout, no one does, if the companies fail, they fail and they should because either the goods and services were not what the people wanted or for the shady financial practices that the people in these companies have been performing for years prior to their crisis.

Benjamin Franklin once said "if we figured out how to vote in money, that would be the end of the Republic". America was founded as a "Constitutional Republic" not a "Democracy." I would tend to believe not many BW readers care much for the Constitution, the way it was written, or how the documents came into being. This is most eveident by the writer asking " Where is our Handout?"

It may become of interest to the writers and the readers to read the Constitution, Bill of Rights and read the quotes from our framers to understand what a blessing we have to have the freedoms we enjoy and that there is no freedom away from God or our "God-given rights".

The more you read the more you will realize how we, with this new administration will be more subject to oppression than ever before. Putting faith in people or government will always dissappoint, it is only faith in God that can restore morality, dignity, respect and our individual freedom.

As time draws nearer to the end I can only ask that you "Wake Up America"

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