Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What is "Fairness?"

Fairness is a word that has become as "relative" as so many other words and the society in which it is used.

Wikipedia states that "fairness" is the conformity to rules or standards or the ability to make judgements free from discrimination or dishonesty.

Dictionary.com states "fairness" is that Instead of returning tit for tat, evil for evil, bad for bad, God says,"I want you to not try to get even, but you take the moral high ground and you return fairness to the very people who hurt you, who are unfair to you."

As a child growing up "fairness " was doing something that was equal for both sides, or for all parties involved. I believed that "fairness" was a basic concept and included a degree of morality as most things pertaining to life today seem to be without."Fairness" imposed by selfish individuals, as stated by "The Law, by Frederic Bastiet, will never be accomplished.

So in understanding "fairness" I would like to raise several questions in the hope of getting them answered.

1. Is life fair?
2. Who decides what is fair?
3. To what great lengths are we to go to acheive fairness?
4. Can "fairness truly be acheived?

Is Abortion fair? Is it fair for a child to be aborted when it has not had the "freedom of choice" that all humans claim and are entitled to as our God given right? If it is fair what is fair about it?

Is it fair that some people live longer than others? That some are sick more frequently than others? that some people are more accident prone, that some are wealthier, better looking, have larger families, smaller families, have more girls than boys, more or less pets?How about where we live? Is it fair that some people get to live on the beach while others live several blocks away or many miles away?
How about marriage? Is it fair that some people stay married longer than others, have better homes, jobs, wages?

It seems that our new, larger, more invasive government seems to want to impose and control, with the people's blessing, "fairness" among many other things and will go to great lengths to do it.

Sure,it is a great ideal but is it possible and does the government have the right to impose such control? The new wave of "Obamanites" think that the new larger government is welcome in our lives because "they will save us" and with the governments involvement we will acheive "peace and harmony."

The much talked about "fairness doctrine" at first glance to those who do not know about it appears to be a great idea, equal time for both sides across the board for liberals and conservatives.Their objective states that wherever one side shares their views, equal time needs to be given to the oppostion.

If this is really true then I wonder why the mainstream media only reports and promotes the "liberal perspective" unless something can be used against the conservatives.

This election was a classic example of what would happen if this doctrine was imposed. We could not be able to question Obama's citizenship, we could not speak against the president-elect or his party or hold anyone accountable including the detestable corruption in congress. Has someone forgotten that the president was to be elected "by the people", for the people?" By the citizens not being allowed to get their questions answered or recieve any sort of accountability would seem much more like a dictatorship than a "constitutional republic."

It is a violation of our constitutional right to "free speech" as well as a violation of our individual liberty,The ultimate goal is to silence conservative views and is easily seen in the mainstream media today.

Fairness,in my opinion,will never be achieved by government or any group of people because ,quite simply,Life is not fair.Due to our " selfish nature" as humans, apart from God and any sort of morality or respect for one another there will be no way to achieve such an ideology.

There is no one that is capable of dictating the boundaries of "fairness" because there will always be a desire to put ourselves before others, look at any group or government, it is all about obtaining power to oppress others to further their selfish agendas.

As humans we will continue to try to acheive this fantasy because, although impossible, it sounds good. Now that we have elevated ourselves in the place of "God" we can now control life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and now have the power to control our own destiny, or so we think. We will be unsuccessful at every attempt and succeed in dividing ourselves further from unity as people thus pushing ourselves further from the intended goal.

To those who do not understand, simply stated, "fairness" will be used to further silence any oppostion to the government and promoting the special interest groups who stand to benefit from it.

Ignorant Americans, why is it that you feel that the government would do a better job directing your life than you would? Do you not feel bought out? do you not want to enjoy your freedoms, to do and go as you choose?

If this is the decision you have made and want government control for your life, is it fair to impose your choice for enslavement and oppression upon those who enjoy freedom and liberty that were the resons of the foundations of this country?

If you prefer tyranny and oppression there are many countries in which you could live, why not consider relocating and spare us the disasterous consequences that history has proven time and time again, for history repeats itself for those who know nothing of it.

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