Thursday, December 18, 2008

People amused by economic decline

I have read lately, blogger responses to articles mostly, about so many people who are excited that our economy is in complete collapse. They are happy that those who are well financed are losing it all. Hundreds of thousands of people who have worked so hard becoming something from nothing at all are now the laughing stock of the liberal left.The same people who corrupted the phrase "Fairness", "hate speech", "equal rights."

The same group that thinks that the government can just print more money, that it comes without ceasing from the government and the more they print the better the economy will be. They feel they are entitled, that the government owes them a particular lifestyle. Perhaps they are not aware that the wealthiest 5%, losing their wealth in a big way, pay all of the taxes for all of these government "entitlement programs" the entitlees, of which they enjoy free medical, food, housing while they laugh thinking it will not affect them.

This once again proves the ignorance of those who laugh at and bite the hand that feeds them. Not knowing anything about economics, morality, fairness, respect or equal rights or the law will be the ultimate collapse of every aspect of society if the liberals are left to man the helm.

Is it their fault? No. The true conservatives gave it up years ago and abandoned their own ship not only surrenduring unto the pirates but becoming pirates themselves;straying from their own strict values that held the party together.

Yes, we are all in this together but until we try to come together in some commonality we will certainly destroy ourselves. One thing I found ironic was that so many people do not see the decline looking out their own window.

There is a saying that I remember: "He who laughes last laughs best". I am certainly not one to laugh at anothers hardships nor can I understand if we are to live in "peace and harmony", as they say, that we would continue to laugh at something that we will eventually find out isn't funny at all.

Ignorance is bliss. Wake Up America!!

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