Thursday, December 11, 2008

Government corruption?

"that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government..."
The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

I have had several conversations over the last few months, including calling in to a local radio show about the direction this country is going and I was surprised to hear their answers.

Our conversations are usually instigated by myself asking questions to those around me either in the grocery store, the gym, or waiting in line at the bank. I love conversation with others and have been consumed with trying to find out what people know about current events or any sort of history, politics and/or religion.

Although this topic spans out into such a wide spectrum, I tried to find out specifically if they thought this government was corrupt and if they thought so what should be done.

Not to my surprise I found out that , generally, people who believe in God and that God was instrumental in the founding of this nation think that we are in deep trouble in every way imaginable. On the contrary, those who do not believe in God think this country is on the right track and on the way to recovery.

When I asked the believers if they thought the government was corrupt they unanimously believed that this election really opened their eyes to what was happening, not only due to the outcome of the election but what they had seen on both sides from both parties.The corruption is worse than ever.

When I asked the non-believers, they mostly became angry and began to speak of how bad President Bush was and the big spending and the war in Iraq.They believe that the Bush administration is responsible for all the worlds problems and that Obama will be the one to really fix things. When I asked how they thought he would accomplish this, they seem to draw a blank and interjected "government programs."

I had asked everyone if they knew anything about the Constitution and very few from either side seemed to even though they had mentioned how un-constitutional the Bush administration was. ( which was true in many instances)

I had mentioned several issues that I had heard through varius media sources relating to contraversial issues like Obamas citizenship, his complete unwillingness to feel the need to answer any questions that he did not feel were necessary, his associations with various people, his possible involvement with the latest scheme with the governor of Illinois, his astronomical list of promises to his constituents that he is beginning to back away from, skewing his timelines on completion dates for his "change," his promise for "change" itself by re-nominating the same members from previous administrations, his unhurried approach to "end the war" like he had promised.

Not that the past administration didn't have it's share of problems, it did, but I figured I would ask questions relating to our future and that we seem to have moved on to the new administration even before the old has not left yet (which is unconstitutional)and anything about Bush seems to have lost importance.

I need to make clear that corruption in government is not a new phenomenon and does exist in both parties and is of epidemic proportions where no one appears to be immune, this is not in any way only about Obama, moreso about ther trends of the new administration.

My point is that for some unknown reason, there is clearly defined difference in mindset, we as Americans are truly divided on core issues and this will continue to be a problem until it is recognized as a problem.

In my conversation last night with the radio host I told him that the third paragraph of the

Declaration of Independence states that "if the government becomes corrupt to these ends it is the duty of the people to alter or abolish it.

He quickly said that he didn't see any corruption and that " we can't just go off on our government" almost insinuating that I was an anarchist as others have said to me before. I told him I was doing as the caller before me was in that I was stating what is written in the Declaration of Independence, trying to educate so many of those who have no desire to read it.

Isn't it interesting that we can adhere so closely to some parts of the constitution while manipulating or eliminating others?

My questions:

Why do our leaders feel that the Constitutiton is there to be manipulated, trampled, mocked and disrespected?

If our leaders swore to uphold it why won't they?

Why does Obama refuse to show proof of citizenship?( and hire 3 attorneys to prevent him from having to)

Why does he not have to answer questions?

Why is it that no matter what dirt comes up about our president-elect,or his party members, it is swept under the rug?

How is it that we have Americans who support the shinanigans of our circus congress and feel there is no problem?

How can a president elect or any other politician swear in on anything other than the bible?

What and where is our guarantee of accountability?

How is it that no one , including the media questions some of these serious issues? Why can people not see the strange opnipotent-like trance and fixation on what they believe is "super-human" answer to human races problems.

How is it that there is someone who has many questionable attributes and associations and can remain blameless and pure?


Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke and our queen of the house, Nancy Pelosi and many others along with the " new, improved Obama cabinet" will have their chance to come through on a promise they made years ago to become transparent, and clean the corruption of Washington, well, we can see how that is going so far.

The only way the constitution can be upheld is to have respect for it, not manipulate it.

Same sex marriage and homosexuality un-constitutional

The Fairness doctrine un-constiitutional

Silencing free speech is un-constitutional

Denying one faith over another is unconstitutional

Making negative speech of another and having it punishable by law or even death is unconstitional.

Silencing our expressions/ speech of a particlar politician, including the president-elect is unconstitutional

silencing freedom of religion is unconstitutional

wire-tapping is a violation of privacy which is unconstitutional

denying our right to bare arms is unconstitutional

government funded and endorsed killing of innocent babies is unconstitutional

Bailouts are unconstitutional

violating the will of the people is unconstitutional ( bailouts, prop 8, etc )

non-citizenship of a president is unconstitutional

The right for judges to make laws is unconstitutional

The tolerance of judges to not have to question constitutionality but instead be apathetic is unconstitutional

The list goes on and on and this is a small list of the constitutitonal violations that have been commited not including things that our leaders that have done that are immoral and/or unlawful.

In short, If you happen to be a reader that believes that our government is not corrupt "moral relativism" really has pickled your brain. The good thing about this syndrome is that someday, possibly, it will go away and you will see what the rest of us can see quite clearly...the question is, will you be happy with what you see when you awaken?

If you have no respect for the Constitution nor care for what it stands for, it is only due to your ignorance in what it means for each one of us individually and collectively as a nation. One day you will realize the mistake that was made by giving it up, when it is too late, when you are oppressed by your government, paying higher taxes, no longer owning property, firearms, personal belongings, no longer having the freedom to believe or do as you choose. You will be soley responsible for enslaving your future generations and your fellow Americans.

I love America, our flag, our history,our troops and honor the sacrifices that have been made to keep our freedoms but I would rather have the constitution destroyed as the "law of the land" and remove our flag rather than to have spoiled,immoral, un-biblical, unlawful, un-patriotic, anti-American multi-culturalists and Christian-haters manipulate, contort and disrespect something that was to be revered, charished, respected and honored.

Our nation as it stands now is not only an embarrasment to many of us but to our founding fathers and almighty God!

May God help us.
WAKE UP AMERICA! ( before it is too late)

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