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Response to Alisson on "letter to Oathtakers"

In a previous post I wrote an open "letter to Oathtakers" and this is the only comment thus far and of course, comes with my response to the comment. I pray he is law enforcement to open dialogue and destroy the wedge between law enforcement and its citizens and to learn the truth of what has happened to our country, our laws, our history and the common sense in this country!

A response to my letter to Oath takers

I just want to say something to the ppeloe who keep saying the government shouldnt regulate responsibility and individuals should be responsible for their own actions . If some guy came into a mall waving a loaded gun around and acting piss drunk, should the police just say “oh well he should have been responsible for himself” and not do anything about it? NO. When you get behind the wheel after drinking, you are gaining control of a LETHAL WEAPON with limited inhibitions and lowered reaction time. The level is set there because that is where the government thinks a person is no longer reasonably able to control their own vehicle, where the reaction time slows on an average person. Like others have said, if you are driving erratically and blow something lower than a .08, you will still be held responsible. If it is set at .00, many ppeloe who are fully functioning could be cited at traffic stops where they test everyone. They put it at a limit so they can catch those who are actually inhibited. And this has nothing to do with prohibition or personal responsibility. If it were up to me, anyone given a DUI would automatically get a suspended license.

To Alisson  Almeida:

Dear Alisson,

Ah, finally a reader that comments and what great questions and concerns you have, thank you! I hope you will take the time to read my responses to them as they are important in how we look at law today and the way they were originally supposed to. You sound like a cop, are you? If you are I am extremely glad you read my letter and had the guts to comment in a public forum, You have my respect!

First, if I see it correctly, you are bothered by my comments. I am sorry for this but maybe I can help clarify my position.

Second, you are not the only one to get frustrated at comments I have made but for the most part in the past it has been either ignorance of the law that causes this or peoples refusal to see what bad shape we are in in this country and their only answer they can come up with is that we need more government to fix the ills of society.

If you love this country, why? If you love this country for the freedom we have, how do you think we have been so free and what has kept us that way?

As a passionate historian and lover of both American History and Constitutional, Biblical and common law, I can tell you that first of all this country was founded as an experiment in SELF-GOVERNMENT, meaning you took personal responsibility for your own actions and were punished for wrong doing, which was the purpose of law not to preemptively save ourselves from each other from our stupidity!

This country was founded my men that broke the chains of tyranny from Great Britain where the King ruled with Feudalism, you were only entitled to the rights he gave you, maybe in trade for something else, The King was the Tyrant ruler, read the Declaration of Independence!

These men sick of being told everything they could and couldn't do, wanted freedom from this tyranny and came to America. When they came here they brought with them great wisdom and ability that I believe was the marvel of the world.

These men were astute and avid readers with great knowledge in history, law both English law and Biblical law and so much more. With this knowledge and what they had left in England, they came up with a variety of documents and declarations that stated their purpose and their mission. In these documents you will find that the purpose and intent and understanding for them was this:

AS A SIDE NOTE, In United  States Code, Title 1, you will find all of the organic laws that are still in place today and will confirm the statements in my post in addition to many founding documents, I will share upon request or you can Google them.

God created man with inalienable Rights (rights that no man or government was authorized to take away)

These men created government to PROTECT THOSE RIGHTS ( not to control or dictate them!)

So far, in this explanation, we have people that left a nation and its tyrant king in search of freedom;

They find this freedom and write declarations to prevent being ruled by another tyrant

They establish a constitutional republic (not a democracy) that's intent was TO LIMIT GOVERNMENT, NOT ITS PEOPLE!

In this republic, it was also an experiment to see how well people could not only govern themselves but to remain vigilant to continue this form of government.

This government was taken from Isaiah 33 that established checks and balances that maximized the scope and control of government thereby maximizing the freedom of the people.

You have probably heard that God and politics should be separated and that is an American tradition, which is the biggest lie the American people have ever been fed because the entire principle of government hinged on the fact that our country recognized Gods law in order to not only remain moral and religious but to maintain our self-government.

I’ll bet with all due respect, you have never read your constitution or Bill of Rights, I didn’t either till I was in my 40’s. Did you know it was the only documentation to maintain your freedom from a tyrant king or dictator and that without your knowledge of this documentation, you only have rights that you know you have or that your government says you have?

I can go on but let's to get to your issues, Am I assume you are being hypothetical? If you are, is it okay to suppose that I should be as well? Do you think that I do not support law enforcement? Do you think that I am stupid enough to think that I would allow a drunk guy walking into a mall waving a gun, if so what gave you that hair brained idea?

With respect to your next issue of driving drunk, they are not related so I will explain the drunken mall guy first.

 The drunk guy waving ( THREATENING)  a gun that bothers you has committed a crime, he is recklessly endangering others that are there, scaring children and all else, this man is not taking personal responsibility and should be punished, Biblically 40 lashes!

Someone that drinks behind the wheel is quite different in that he hasn't committed a crime. This is crucial in understanding the original intent of the law. I’m not saying that people should necessarily be allowed to drive drunk because it negates their personal responsibility but it come back to the fact that NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED. For a crime to be present, there has to be a witness, biblically, 2, a victim and physical damage that would confirm the crime rather than make it arbitrary and overused as it is now where they can just pull anyone over preemptively to just see if they have, rendering us guilty until proven innocent as is backwards from the intent of our laws that we are innocent before proven guilty.

If I may go hypothetical for a moment, before continuing, since I allowed you to be,...
... what if Governemnts took the power that were inherent in the people and used that power  and the money from the tax payers to control every move they made, through oppressive laws trashing their written law that limits government, to governemnts investing using tax dollars to make millions,  surveillance cameras, heavy taxation, create class warfare, open our borders, ship thriving businesses overseas killing jobs, welcoming the communists here to create jobs, control food and water, recreation, healthcare, change social attitudes, brainwash our citizens to believe that bigger government meant more freedom and that killing innocent babies and sodomy with a same sex partner was a choice  ultimately and collectively leading to create mass genocide?  WHat if the three branches of government  in a country decided on its own to become a dictatorship, to render local rural law enforcement and city councils to the a glabal authority? If they did, would you know or even care if it was subversive to not only the intent of this country but a danger to your freedom, WAKE UP ITS HERE!

Cars are not weapons, they are modes of travel. People say that cars, cell phones, bullets, liquor and all inanimate objects kill people which is ignorant and propagandizemnent of the truth. The fact is, you have been lied to again about the truth and it has conditioned you to believe that is true.

Do guns kill people? NO, people kill people, shall we ban people???

Does texting kill people? NO, people kill People, should we ban people????

Does Alcohol, knives or anything else kill people, NO! People kill people, should we ban people?

If you believe a car IS a "lethal weapon" than you should believe, but would be wrong, that anything that can kill someone IS a weapon, a baseball bat, a sheet, plastic wrap, medications etc. Things that people are killed with are USED AS weapons, not that they are weapons themselves and it a car is a weapon, why aren't they banned along with the desire to ban guns better ye since people kill and not objects, lets just ban people, You see how ridiculous it is?

The purpose and intent of my letter is not so much to be rude or abrasive but  to wake people up, it is to get them agitated, just a bit, to take the time to challenge me and others  on the issues and see where we are as a nation today and to challenge people like you to see if this kind of rotting societal decay and loss of freedom is what you want for your kids?  I’m glad you contacted me and would love to chat more.

Here is where I am and quite frankly where we should be, in my humble opinion:

We need God as ruler and to obey his commandments to remain free, and if not followed suffer harsh punishments because His will and Way is perfect, our founders even believed it!

We the people need to understand that without knowledge of history we repeat our mistakes and we are falling just like Judah, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Rome and others did.

The people need to be aware and remain vigilant on the limitations of government to insure and maximize our freedom and for our children

We need to understand our history and our laws and understand that governments have always ended in the mass genocide of its people if allowed unbridled control, which they have given themselves here in America!

We need to understand where our rights come from and that no man had the power take them away, therefore we need to understand that we were created in the image of God and obey his laws

We need to realize that our failure to acknowledge God not only make our rights subjective to the king or dictator but that these rights will decrease not be maintained enslaving your children.

We need to understand that when governments become oppressive, it is because they feel they are losing control and need to make more and more laws, also enslaving you and your children.

We need to understand that allowing government to encroach on our rights, violating the constitution because it sounds like it could be a good thing, opens the door to arbitrary rule and will them allow for them to step beyond those limitations as long as they can sell you on it, until they have finally gained enough control where they openly admit their intentions as thousands die in massive bloodshed created by every totalitarian regime in history.

Did you government sell you on seatbelts? It’s a great thing but should government tell you what to do in your car? Yes? ok then anything can be made illegal- stereo, food, beverages, rear view mirrors, children etc?

Did your government sell you on speed limits, texting, insurance, noise ordinances, tire sizes, window tint, illegal search ad seizure, environmental regulations and mpg restrictions,surveillance cameras, food, gun carry, children and so on? Sky is the limit, you've opened the flood gates!

Our Founding fathers stated that “the constitution was written for a moral and religious people and wholly inadequate for any other form of government.” If we are neither religious nor moral, how can we expect that our founding documents can possibly maintain our freedom by limiting government when people now feel that they can do whatever they want to? We were a nation of unity not division. It was because of our love and agreement on freedom the fact that the government that governs least governs best!

When you read your constitution, find out where it says that the people authorize government to make laws that restrict their freedom, You won’t find it because it completely contradicts the intent of the document, remember it was written to limit government, not the people because the people were under a completely different jurisdiction, GODS LAW!

As long as we obeyed Gods laws, we remained self-governed, if we chose to vacate our inalienable rights, government could and would rule over its people that will lead to mass genocide, don't trust me, trust history!

 Think about this....

If America was created on the understanding that our rights were inalienable from God and that no man could take them away, don't you think it’s interesting that the supreme court, a branch of government ruled to remove God? Why., TO CONTROL YOU!!! Your Bill of Rights was written to prevent this!

Separation of church and state is not American, it is Marxist, it is Sovietist or totalitarian to make you look to the government for all your rights and condition you to believe there is no God!

I would entertain at any time to speak with anyone, anywhere to speak more on these topics not because I am any big deal, I’m far from it, I am just relentless in my pursuit for freedom and I understand what is happening to us and I not only worry about my family, I'm worried about yours!

In a few weeks, You should come to court as I respectfully attempt to educate the judge on the principles of freedom, both the authority he does have and what he doesn't- somehow they feel they can say and do whatever they want to and we, as wee feeble subjects must obey...Under who's authority and jurisdiction?

I consider myself a law abiding citizen even though I pay unconstitutional taxes,( there are taxes I believe are proper- different topic) but until I can prove they are, at the risk of losing my home, I will submit to a point but I do have extreme disdain for others who fail to take personal responsibility for their actions those whom come here illegally, that a drunk waving guns or use their cars as weapons, it has forced government to at the hands of the minority to restrict the rights of the majority which is still outside their oath of office as I have mentioned before. Those I really have difficulty with and fear are those, like myself just a few short years ago, who put their hand over their heart, pledging allegiance to something of which they have no clue or those that have sworn and oath on one hand and violate that oath without even knowing it or who tell others the way it is without any knowledge of "what is" themselves and no knowledge of our incredible history!

We are all in a different place as we walk through this life and some are farther along in their understanding than others, but it is the ones that know and understand that MUST reach out to those that do not and warn them about what has happened and continues to happen. I can go on about all of it, Abortions, Vaccinations, GMO, detention centers, water and food control, food and water additives etc. Google: "Codex Alimentarious" or check out or to get a glimpse of whats happening nationally!

If you think this is about a drunk driver or a drunk gun waver or a speeding ticket, please look at the big picture,this is about your enslavement!!

Government is to protect the rights of the people with specific and enumerated powers. Article 1, Section 8, US Constitution

If you read this far, I appreciate it. Any further comments are always appreciated.

 Thank you,

Tom Munds


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