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List of government controls, is your government killing humanity?

List of government controls - Is your government  killing  humanity?

Poisoning the body- vaccinations, unsafe medications, fluoride, Lithium and additives in the water diseases linked to these, controlled by the FDA increasing the need for medical attention.

Killing Americans: one million people every year are killed by the dangerous additives in food ( See “codex Alimentarious”, “GMO”. Monsanto, etc…, pharmaceuticals and water for the purpose of controlling the minds and populations controlled by the FDA.

Poisoning the atmosphere- barium and aluminum oxide in the air and water (salting the earth )but they restrict the citizens access to parks, through smog checks and other environmental concerns in the name of environmental safety controlled by the EPA

Control of Homeopathic remedies- No access to natural remedies forces the need to spend money on government healthcare and exposure to dangerous meds controlled by the FDA

Legalization of drugs- Drugs are big money and they are controlled through those that have it, minimal research will also tell you our federal government may be involved as it controls the poppy fields in the Middle East but marijuana crops worldwide. Not only does it make money and continue to fund those that bring it into the country but it numbs the minds of the citizenry keeping them sedated.

Legalization of Abortion( killing our unborn)- Population control; controlled by the ruling of the supreme court (with they never had the authority to do) But redefined and re-educated to believe it is a choice rather than murder.

Control of our education- To teach anti-Americanism, globalism, environmentalism, Marxism teach that rights are not inalienable from God but subject and to be determined by what your government says they are, subject to change or revocation teaching our children nor principles of freedom but subservient slaves, changing our language, social norms, re-educating people to believe that this list of controls are to preserve your freedom controlled by the National education association by the Federal government.

Increased and Heavy graduated Taxation- Tax on everything that is bought and every service provided imposed by all levels of government, intended to destroy the wealth of individuals and our nation, a government created retirement savings plan, like the implementation of the social security act that is now bankrupt. Why do we allow this to continue?

Employment control- wages controlled, production controlled, tax payer dollars funding American companies to relocate overseas due to taxation and environmental regulation, and exchanging American jobs left overseas with foreign communist investors that desire to collapse our free markets and republican form of government, making it impossible to get a job , at a decent wage to pay our local and national debt or to create national prosperity, to indoctrinate Americans into believing that Jobs are what is important not the wealth creation of production leading to the increased size in government due to its ability to create service non wealth creating jobs out of thin air, that add to the debt as a liability not a source of wealth creation or the production of product, all controlled by the Federal government or UN?.

High medical costs- Increase difficulty in getting proper care while creating huge profits for medical corporations and government, Subsidized by the Federal government at tax payer expense and detriment.

Increased government spending: leading to an unsustainable debt that will reduce any possibility for us to regain our personal, local or national economic prosperity, destabilize our local and national security, while our tax dollars are sent overseas funding wars and third world nations and who knows what else.

Increased government regulation: making it impossible for states, citizens and local government entities to function efficiently as well as re-educating our local government to believe that governments job is to replace every bastion and element of freedom with security, to have them believe they are not to protect our freedom (Rights) from tyrants but to protect us from ourselves. Increased regulation is increased taxation through environmentalism, globalism using scare tactics sponsored by your Federal government.

Environmentalism: Agenda 21, full incremental global control of the environment and its inhabitants using fear tactics about the demise of our planet when there is much evidence to the contrary. In the UK it is unlawful to have backyard BBQ’s!

Globalization: (G SUMMITS) The re-education of our children and their parents about the insignificance of personal, state and national sovereignty and the importance of making sure as Obama states “ That no nation is above another”, which is global socialism and eventual global enslavement at the expense of tax payers initiated and  promoted by the Federal government.

Healthcare-full control of costs, services and funding and the dictation of every facet of this care, including denial of services at any point in life they deem necessary, making it impossible to have any choice of service or cost, as government and corporate investors make billions!

Increased law enforcement: subsidized by the Federal government through the Dept. of Homeland security, the abolition of Posse Comitatus, the re-educating and funding of local law enforcement through fear that local law enforcement needs the help of the feds imposing the need of paramilitary operations, academies no longer teach the constitution as it was intended to diminishing the power and purpose of the oath of office.

Surveillance: Law enforcement is taught that “citizens are all criminals it’s just that we have not been caught yet” and in cases, like Nazi Germany, uses Romans 13 to justify their control over citizens. Local governments either forced to buy drones or re-educated to believe that drones will be good for the people, even though they have the ability to be armed and to put its people under surveillance, spying on people in their yards and their homes. There are surveillance cameras in every intersection in every city in every state and are being installed every mile on the freeway corridors but they state they are not cameras and installed for the ease of citizens to view road conditions. We are denied the truth of why they are installed when it is a fact that they are cameras and also in many states are used for generating revenue for the state giving speeding tickets etc., funded by the tax payer imposed by the Federal government- FEMA and the Department of Homeland security. TSA imposed the violation of the 4th amendment forcing illegal search without congressional act, “In the name of safety”. Law enforcement now authorized to force blood draws at a traffic stop etc…

School Lockdowns: Local schools are raping the tax payer by enslaving our kids by installing 200 or so surveillance cameras to spy on our kids, SRO’s walk the hallway, kids subject to random search and drug testing and having the doors locked during school hours with a “one touch lockdown button” and unable to leave considered “closed campus” but could also be considered “school lockdown” or day prison” done “in the name of safety” suggested, or coercively funded by tax payers by the Federal government.

Population control: Invested Government officials and controlling corporations desire to reduce the population of the Earth from 6 billion to about 1 billion. Methods of choice, abortion, one child policies, pharmaceuticals, food additives, water additives, vaccinations, food modifications, environment, employment, debt healthcare, control and dissemination of the family unit and complete control in every aspect possible

Destruction of the traditional family unit: The key to any moral and prosperous society is the family unit. Destruction includes the re-education of the insignificance of the family, leading to the reliance on the state rather than the family, to impose alternative family lifestyles that do not include the propagation of children through the acceptance of homosexual relationships, to teach the idea of “free sex”, to experiment, and to abandon commitment between husband and wife, brother and sister, to minimize the value of life through abortion and carelessness for the children’s parents abandoning them to state run care centers and hide the detrimental facts of unsafe sex or abstinence with the understanding we are no different than animals

Food control: Control, regulation and production of family farms. Farms across the country are funded with government subsidies from the Federal government; they are told what to plant, how much to plant and in many cases to destroy crops to control the pricing of the markets. These subsidies also require increased regulations on growth, how fast cattle, chickens, hogs or produce will grow making it necessary to utilize the already created harmful laboratory created ( Also government subsidized) growth additives that will be necessary to keep up with the demands for these foods or continued funding to feed their families. It is crucial to understand that the debtor is a slave to the lender ( Proverbs 22), with this understanding when you receive funds you are required to reciprocate with demands made upon you or you will be cut off-Fascism or government control of production!

Increased social services: Intended to make the populations reliant on the state, to teach irresponsibility to the individual and to criminalize its citizens for failure to pay into this system, to destroy the ingenuity and the capitalist spirit of prosperity that made us the economic marvel of the world, to make us apathetic, lazy and subservient to a tyrant king or dictator.

Immigration: Open borders, to increase vulnerability and destabilize our national security, to allow terrorism, drugs and deviants of every kind, to break the nation’s wealth, offering free services at the expense of the tax payer, to create class warfare  and inciting racism by elevating the rights of foreigners over the rights of the tax paying , law abiding citizens, to create animosity between those whom have obeyed the naturalization laws and those whom have come here illegally that are entitled to benefits faster than those whom have gone through the long naturalization process.

Multiculturalism: Benjamin Franklin stated “No nation has ever withstood the dangers of multiculturalism.” Is it difficult to believe that if we allow every walk of life to enter this country and believe the way they want to believe, their religion, their form of government, their traditions, their sexual preferences and immoral deviations that we will not only become divided but begin to fight against each other on the superior form of government, religion, sexual preference, forms of law etc.? This country had naturalization laws that were specific to the fact that you had to have two witnesses to the fact that you were not a thief a drunk, an adulterer that you could work and did work. The process took seven years so that they could understand, read, write and speak our language, understand our form of government but also to abandon allegiance to all foreign dictators, governments, forms of government and assimilate in your understanding of our moral and religious foundation.

People control: Ignorance or disdain for our constitution that limits government that allows government to expand indefinitely into every aspect of a citizens life, EPA, TSA, DEQ, NEA, DHS,DOJ, Internal revenue service, Human barcoding, RFID chip implants, endless unconstitutional executive orders, supreme court rulings, congressional bills like the Patriot act, the National Defense Authorization Act, the establishment of FEMA camps, the increase of paramilitary operations, the increase in surveillance equipment like drones and cameras, radiation equipment, the illegal search and seizure without probable cause, the expansive and arbitrary definition of “probable”, the mandatory blood draws, random checkpoints, random pull overs under a suspicion of drunk driving, the harassment by those desiring to become powerful becoming officers, the fact that justice is only allowed for those that can afford it, that you can no longer represent yourself and adequately defend yourself in court, the laws that state the only place we can receive justice is through a high paid BAR attorney and cannot choose who you wish to defend you in a court, The fact that you are not entitled to a trial by jury in ALL cases as the constitution defines but subject to a trial by judge, the belief that a judge possesses more power than he is authorized, that the power and scope of the sheriff has been minimized, the fact that the power of the people has been minimized, the fact that we are no longer allowed to challenge government on what laws they are abiding by because they can tell us to seek legal advice?

Unjust wars: Little research will yield tremendous results and information about the purpose of wars, who funded them and why. It will also clarify that it is also an attempt to create animosity between ourselves (through the degree and degradation of patriotism by stating we are against unjust wars) and other nations, depleting our wealth, strength, population, as a nation while we send our troops to be pawns to spread something that we should never want for ourselves, DEMOCRACY or globalism when the intent of our military was to fight for freedom it was to maintain our freedom not to be the world’s police. According to our laws there MUST be a declaration of war, somehow we have got around that by changing the meaning of words like “humanitarian missions” or “conflicts” etc.

Control of an oligarchy: It isn’t rocket science to believe we are not run by our elected government. It also isn’t rocket science to believe that the government originally created to protect our rights is now against us, Fed against state, Fed against citizens and local against citizens, citizens against citizens, not limited to just the reasons listed above, but is interested in protecting their interest which is the state that funds them, providing their salaries and benefits at our expense for life ( through us, the tax payer). It isn’t rocket science to see who is in control, where the money goes- the bankers, the corporations and those affiliated with it to further their agenda. Why did the bailouts go to the banks and not the people whom have had their wealth squandered by their government and continues to do so? Where did the federal government get the authority to print to subject us and future generations into  an impossible debt then lie to us and tell us this is no problem while still promoting the idea of socialism which only adds to the debt?

You must have been thinking as you were reading or hopefully you are asking yourself now, what does this all mean? If everything I have itemized is true, or even the majority of it is, is this the America you signed up for? Is this what you support? Does this look like the freedom you grew up with and do you want this for your children?

If you have been asleep or not paying attention, this is your wakeup call! If you are young, you have children and/perhaps grandchildren, what you do now directly affects them. If you do nothing and allow this to continue, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

There is tremendous evil in our presence. What will you do to restore the principles of freedom for you, your family and your posterity?

America is about to enter the darkest time and place it has ever been and it will affect every American for generations to come. If you knew a catastrophe was eminent, would you alert those you care about? This is my attempt to alert those I care about.

Your involvement is up to you. Your country is calling you, your family, neighbors and friends are calling you. Will you answer the call; the choice is up to you.

Blessings in the restoration of liberty for ourselves and our posterity,

Thomas A. Munds

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