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Freedom, liberty or public school lockdown...

Freedom, liberty or Public school lock down
By Tom Munds

Have you ever looked around and seen more ignorance in our country?
Have we ever stopped to think of the root cause of this ignorance?

Four short years ago, I was one of these people that had no idea what was happening to our American culture. I went about my personal business worrying only about my family and my community and assumed everything was fine, it looked fine, the sun came out during the day, the stars at night, I had a job an had food on the table, life was good.

What I didn’t know was that while we were busy working the 9 to 5 grind, there was something seriously wrong going on that few people realized, including me.

In early America, we were taught about God, we had churches on almost every corner, we were taught that we had a constitution that was divinely inspired, we knew that this document was written only for a moral and religious people, we knew our rights were inalienable, that they could not be taken away by government which is why it was put in place in the first place, for the power was in the people.

We sincerely believed that we were “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” We pledged allegiance to the flag” and we appeared to honor those who sacrificed their lives and their families for the sake of freedom, for we knew what I meant, we loved America. We were united, we prospered, and we, as a nation, generally, were at peace, life was good.

Today in America, it is quite a different story. Our children are not taught about God resulting in not only increases in violent crimes, corruption, deception, sexual perversion, abortion, suicide, divorce and decreases in personal responsibility, morality, ethics and poor self esteem but also the indoctrination that rights come from and are subject to what the government says they are, what they say goes, all laws, to be adhered to, no matter how arbitrary.

Among the list of deceptions, we are even taught, not through education necessarily but through action, that we no longer have three branches of government with checks and balances where one branch can hold the other two in check. We have now submitted to the Supreme Court as the sole arbiter and have accepted them as a tyrant king and abandoned the other branches as useless! No more checks and no more balances, why? Our ignorance, that’s why! It certainly wasn’t meant to be that way.

In addition, our kids are brainwashed with government propaganda through the news and through their own government authorized and supported, Channel One, going straight into the hearts and minds of ALL of our children simultaneously, how convenient and no one sees a problem here?

They are taught environmentalism doctrine, where it is an emergency, that they themselves are harmful to the planet by breathing, that carbon dioxide is toxic, that we came from some primordial soup, that carbon footprints will be the death of our planet, that religion and American history are bad. How bad can we be when immigrants risk their lives to come here and our military dies to preserve what we have?

Governments through control, state that parents don’t know as much as they should, should not be trusted as much as the government, and they and their children should look to them for all of its needs. Furthermore they are taught, not to offend anyone and that they are entitled to their own truth, to be the best they can be and that their reality and spirituality is their own.(referred to as moral relativism) What they are teaching, according to Alexis deToqueville’s Democracy in America, is known as individualism, about collectively pushing their own personal agendas on others, to achieve these individualistic goals even at the cost of violating the liberty of others.
Has this been good for America?

Does your government know what they are doing? Do you know what they are doing? Do our teachers know the ramifications of allowing this kind of indoctrination? Is there a reason this is happening or is it by accident?

To answer these questions, yes, the government knows exactly what they are doing and it is on purpose but too complex to go into at this time. Do the teachers know, some do while others are so busy they don’t see it yet, then there are some teachers who see it, they get, it but are too afraid to say so, many of whom are Christians and know better than to harm these children due to their knowledge of Biblical history.

What is the big deal you say?

First of all, in America, we have a Constitution, we have an established rule of law that all people must be adhere to, the document that states no one is above the law and no where in this document does it have a provision for public school. So if we measure everything according to our rule of law, simply put, public schools are unconstitutional, which means they are illegal because they violate the law, the Supreme law of the land.

You say “well its in the Idaho state constitution”, yes, indeed it is, but according to the structure and establishment of the U.S. constitution, no law, statute, ordinance or state constitution can supersede the supreme law of the land which is the united States constitution,( which is why they called it supreme) and any law imposed that violates this supreme law is considered null and void as supported by 150 years of court precedents, and my favorite 1802 Marbury v Madison that stated “ Any law repugnant to the constitution is null and void.”

Second, as history reveals, with the government’s abandonment of God allowing them to dictate your rights, do you suppose they support your freedom and individualism like they would like you to believe?

Think of it this way…if you abandon the moral and religious, constitutional and united principles and acknowledgment and reliance on God where peace and prosperity reign under limited government and you allow government to promote individualism, you open the door to a democracy, which we are not nor were ever meant to be, where selfish agendas rule the day and are supported by government, to allow everyone to do and say as they please, violating the liberty of others creating tension and a more hostile environment where people may still believe they are free but in reality are so shortsighted.

If law enforcement is the entity that we have entrusted to keep the peace and people become more hostile, by default the need for government increases. If people continue over time to abandon our constitution and insist on the establishment of rights for minorities like immigrants, Mexicans Blacks, Muslims, as we do today, unconstitutionally, though the ridiculous tolerance and diversity doctrine, and the false utopian ideology of multiculturalism, the only choice is for government to keep the peace is to continue to grow, such continued and unrestrained growth leads to one of two ends, anarchy or totalitarianism.

At this point, the democracy has been replaced by a dictatorship and all freedom is lost, subject only to the whims of a tyrant. Our short sighted individual freedom, that was once supported by our government has now subjected ourselves to the bondage and oppression that lessons in history clearly have shown and we have clearly denied. It is for these reasons that I am on a relentless pursuit to educate others who are where I was a few short years ago!

Why do you suppose our founders did not include public education in the constitution?

Our Founders biggest concern was oppressive government and having a written constitution was the document was to guarantee the freedom of the people by limiting government and even included a Bill of Rights to further preserve and guarantee those rights to prevent things like wealth redistribution where the government has the power to forcefully take from one and give to another, socialism!

It was understood, from the Biblical principle that it was the family that was given the dominion over the whole earth and they viewed family as the core reliant on God, not government for their blessings and security and it was the family’s responsibility to prepare the children for their future teaching both Biblical, moral concepts and the proper role of government in addition to those principles of freedom and liberty. The family was left to itself, it was responsible for itself where the government only intervened when it was asked to, to protect the innocent and punish evildoers.

It was also understood, from another Biblical principle, you don’t work; you don’t eat meaning it was necessary for all of us to take personal responsibility for our own actions or suffer the consequences that one could not take from the labors of another to sustain himself. It further revealed that one was entitled to the fruits of their labor, that one person or government did not have the authority to take from another by force.

Another law based in scripture, supported by common law was that you were innocent until proven guilty and in order to be apprehended one must have committed a crime defined as having both a victim AND a witness and subject to trial by jury to prevent further government or judicial usurpation. That is why statutes and ordinances are not constitutional if they are repugnant to it.

Why are these principles important, because our schools for decades have been slowly taking control and authority from the parents. The government controls and tells our children what to breathe, what to eat, how to act, what to say, how to dress, what to think, what to do, what they will learn and today most of us let this encroachment continue, even to the point of mandatory vaccinations and school lockdowns without question! When are people going to get it?

Are we really preparing our children for a future of excellence or setting them up to fail and subject to tyranny, tremendous debt and oppression?

This government control is funded by YOU! YOU have given control to the government, you have submitted and admitted that they care better for your family than you can and that they can protect your kids and educate them better than you can, Are you really ok with this? Your family is subject to government’s ever expanding authority and so are your children, when do say how much is too much…may I suggest the constitution, perhaps?

The problems with the reliance on government are too many to include but are easily defined this way. You have first given up all your rights, including the rights of your children, your freedom, and your guarantee of Life, liberty and property by allowing the government to destroy, manipulate or deny the constitution. This desecration not only violates your freedom, it is ILLEGAL, and they are breaking the law! Why would you allow the government to make you abide by the law, no matter how unconstitutional, and allow the government to be above it when they were to have no more power than anyone else?

The government then USES YOUR TAX DOLLARS to increase it’s size therefore increasing control over you and your children “in the name of safety.” If you have abandoned the constitution that clearly and specifically enumerates the powers of government , who then decides when enough is enough? See the problem?

By locking down the school during school hours, putting your children under surveillance, locking parking lots, the government, the school district is also violating the most basic rights and freedoms, violating your freedom of speech, your right to bear arms, being innocent until proven guilty and of illegal search and seizure(or what people would consider right to privacy) without probable cause, they just assume you are a criminal! Is the constitution not supreme law in public school?

Quite simply, the truth hurts,… They view your children as untrustworthy, as criminals before they even had the thought to violate laws or school rules. They say they are preparing our children for the future? Middleton’s school motto is “The future in progress” …being watched, not trusted and viewed as criminals, what kind of progress is this?

Why is it exactly that our children aren’t allowed to work in concessions during sports events? According to one teacher, “They can’t be trusted” (who’s fault is that, if the school takes the roll of the parent?) so instead the booster club is forcing those parents
( tax payers that pay for the school, teachers salaries and their retirement for life, support ( unbelievably) annual bonds, levies and/or extensions as well as pay for lockers, parking passes, etc) who have children in sports to work there. By the parents being forced to do something against their will, it not only stirs contention between parents, but it denies the children the experience of being personally responsible, to teach them communication skills, business skills and to show the school (not that we need to prove anything to them) that these children can be trusted. How, as parents, have we allowed them to do this and not take offense and how does this prepare our children for their future?

If this is the future in progress, is this what they can look to for their future? If our children are conditioned to believe that everything will be done for them how does this prepare them for their future? How is it that these children can jump through the unconstitutional government hoops getting their licenses and are trusted with the freedom to drive to school only have their rights taken away once they get there? How is it that once they enter the school, everything is done for them as far as what they can do, think, feel and dress and speak…How is this preparing for their future, it seems more like a future of imprisonment rather than constitutionally protected freedoms with liberty and justice for all as our rule of law guarantees.

I often speak with parents, government officials- law enforcement, legislators, anyone who will listen. The problem we face is that most people today, believe it is reasonable to give up liberty for security “in the name of safety.” without realizing that such arbitrary unbridled power allows the government to ultimately regain complete control as everything will fall under and nothing will be excluded from the category of “in the name of safety” as we see today.

Without the rule of law, the constitution, the supreme law of the land, that written document that guarantees freedom to every individual, all rights are up for grabs and you then are only entitled to the rights the government says you have. It was Benjamin Franklin that said …”those that would give up freedom for security deserve neither.”
How wise and how true?

The last four years I have dedicated my life to trying to educate people on the principles of liberty and freedom, hoping that I can awaken those to realize history has repeated itself for our failure to know it and to learn from those lessons. This endeavor has been tough mentally and physically for me but I try not let it get to me for without proper understanding, people view me today as a radical, as a freak, a terrorist, extreme, or mentally ill, not because I am, for I am not, but because I have been thankfully blessed with the fierce fiery relentless passion and desire to work to exhaustion achieving knowledge that I have worked to hard to obtain thus far and look forward to with great excitement what comes next.

I may be viewed as extreme because unlike so many others who blow in the wind and are subject to arbitrary rule and thought, I stand solid, consistently and unwavering in this relative ever changing world. I stand when so few won’t because I love my God, I love my country, I love my children and because I truly love you and your children as well.

In closing, all I ask is for you to wake up, consider what is at stake and do something about it because if you do not, you and your children will regret it, I promise!

It is my sincere desire to run for the Idaho State legislature in 2012 to bring back freedom with liberty and justice for all and to bring government back within its limited and enumerated powers. I have spent the last few years preparing myself to understand what it means to be a representative, not to necessarily do the will of the people as a democracy but to stand on principle, with a knowledge of history, Biblical and constitutional principles and common law abiding by and adhering to the rule of law that guarantees freedom to all Americans and to take my oath, remember it and to solemnly uphold it, to take this oath with reverence I swear to do under God.

Blessings ,

Tom Munds
Candidate for Representative for Idaho legislature in 2012

If you agree, Please pass this on, Ive got less than a year for people to know I am here.
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