Saturday, September 24, 2011

Letter from Middleton School District Attorney

After attending the school board meeting last week, Thursday evening I received a letter from the school attorney that confirmed all of my suspicions regarding the proper role of government and the people which I am afraid to say, is no longer in existence. As you finish this letter I hope you will see just how bad it really is. For the sake of my lack of ignorance of oppressive law and that I have been told that ignorance is no excuse, I have withheld the name of the attorney until such time as these documents are made public record or that I find out I am free from committing a crime I would know nothing about.

Isn’t it crazy that we proclaim our freedom while in conradictioon we are told we are responsible for laws we know nothing about as they increase every single year? Will we be responsible for knowing the law when there is an entire library dedicated to it in a language we do not even understand?, we are! Law was meant to be written in easy to understand language that all men could easily understand and the laws were actually to be few because in common law, the law was written in the hearts of men, common sense, undertood by all, well, Not anymore!

Look closely at the letter, read it and read my response that will be posted shortly after this one and watch the full length video or just the part where I spoke of middleton school board meeting on my website at that supports my argument and concerns about this runaway school system!

First, You will notice, he stated, regularly scheduled, which in fact is incorrect in the sense that all prior meetings have been at 6:30pm not the new time 6:15pm which actually began the night I was scheduled to speak. In addition to this, when I arrived at 6;12 pm the meeting had already begun and they were beyond public comments which meant that the meeting began before 6:10, seems a bit fishy don’t you think? Why then would I be told immediately after entering that I missed my chance to speak?

You will also notice they stated I was disruptive during the meeting which is inaccurate in that I was silent until I was called upon as well as quiet until the meeting was adjourned in addition to the fact that being disruptive is a relative term that would depend entirely on whether they liked you or not, or who you were speaking to which makes statements like this arbitrary.

What is interesting to note is where: "specifically” is written at the beginning of the second sentence, then later in the same sentence it was written “ or something to that effect” so, which is it, specifically or approximately or perhaps somewhere in between?

They clarified that when I was called upon to be heard, they had no control of what I spoke about, which is an acknowledgment that I was allowed to speak about my concerns without fear of reprisal. Do you like where they, our government, tells us what we are afforded …NO RIGHTS AFFORDED? Wasn’t government established to protect my rights, not to dictate them? Have they now become the tyrant king where I must be worthy to retain my rights? I found the code interesting in that is seems to restrict my right to hold my government officials accountable for their actions and statements, what do you think?

So if you challenge the authority that was never given to the board, about something they disagree with, they can call you disruptive and tell you what your rights are as well as continue to forcefully make you pay for these unconstitutional measures and there isn’t a thing you can do about it or you will be arrested or denied entry for something you may have never even been guilty of.

What I really enjoyed was the warning and threat at the end where they told me if I didn’t obey the rules, like a child, I would be punished. Finally in the PS section they told me that the incarceration of my children is legal by state law which in reality maybe legal but not lawful because it violates the very intention and establishment of a free nation where we now have traded freedom for security and as we were warned by our founders , we deserve neither and both will be destroyed.

If you understand what is wrong here, I urge you to attend your local meetings, to see what is happening while you are busy living your life. because while your working, your freedoms are being destroyed!!

LETTER FROM SCHOOL ATTORNEY( re-written for the purpose of posting and making public to prevent any misunderstanding and the fact that I am running for state legislature.)

Dear Mr. Munds,

It has been brought to my attention that on September 12, 2011 at a regularly scheduled school board meeting for the Middleton school district, you caused a disruption during the meeting. Specifically, it was reported to me that in a rather loud voice you called the superintendent and board members “a bunch of communists” or something to that effect.
This was stated in the presence of other patrons, employees and students.

It is the position of the Middleton school district that it has no control over the content of your personal three minute talk. However, the school board does have need to control its meetings where there are no disturbances or incitetful rhetoric being provided to its employees and board members of the District. The manner of your demeanor is problematic. An orderly process has been established for patrons to make public statements during an optional hearing of [ signed in] visitors( up to a three minute duration) section. Beyond that, there are NO RIGHTS afforded for your display of your public behavior.

In fact, Idaho Code sites it a crime for any parent, guardian or other person to upbraid, insult or abuse a teacher of the public schools in the presence and hearing of any pupil and that individual is guilty of a misdemeanor ( ID section 18-916). Of course, a teacher also includes certified administrators under the definitions set forth by the Idaho legislature. If such conduct is disruptive to the education process, a person may be excluded from attendance on any school property.

If any further disruptive behavior from you is observed or experienced by the School board, the district will pursue your removal from attendance at these meetings.

Hopefully, we will not be placed in a situation where that will occur and you will abide by our rules, as far as utilizing the limited section “hearing of [signed in] visitors.

Very truly yours,

Attorney at Law

PS The school board wanted me to inform you that SECURITY CAMERAS, a closed campus and locked gates are all allowed under Idaho code section 33-512(11). (They may be allowed but are they in violation of our constitutional protection.? Only those that have read it and understand it would know.

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