Thursday, August 25, 2011

homosexuals, rights and the next wave...

When I first became a Christian political activist entering the gay pride parade in 2009, one of my questions was if homosexuals feel they should have rights as homos, should we then allow rights for zoophelia, auto-fellatio, bestiality or pedophilia for example?

The answer was always, with extreme anger, “Your being ridiculous" don’t be so self absorbed and so hateful connecting homosexuals to other sexual deviates...REALLY?

Check out this article, where now that America, on it’s rights kick, where every sect of society will be begging for rights but where do those rights come from and why do they feel they are entitled to them? Are they in the United States Constitution or are these rights just something people feel they are entitled to regardless of the severity or consequence of these rights to themselves or society either in the sort or long term?

This “ rights kick” in the name of tolerance and diversity is killing this nation and the world, in another ten years who is to say that murderers won’t be asking for rights on the premise that they are entitled to their own truth, that it is part of their religion or perhaps, or God forbid, for convenience…oops, women already have that right.

Firsthand Report on B4U-ACT Conference for ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’ — Aims at Normalizing Pedophilia


Sexologist Fred Berlin presided over pro-pedophile conference.
Congratulations to Matt Barber, Board Member of Americans For Truth, and our friend Dr. Judith Reisman for attending and exposing this shocking conference in Baltimore aimed at normalizing pedophilia (sexual “relationships” with children). “Minor-Attracted Persons”? Really?

I have just interviewed Matt for the AFTAH Radio Hour show that will air this Saturday night, August 27th. To prepare, I perused the pro-pedophile website “B4U-Act.” Folks, even if it pains you to do so, I want you to take a look at this website and show it to your friends. Most normal people would never imagine that such a website exists. But it does. For parents it’s a must-read, because academic pedophile movement is picking up momentum.

We’re talking NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) with a PhD and a marketing plan.

Several decades ago, homosexuality too was being “studied,” and look where we are today: ”gay rights” lobby groups with CEOs making over $300,000 a year! Here’s a smattering of what I learned online from “B4U-Act” Director of Operations Richard Kramer, who spoke at the Baltimore conference:

• Pedophilia (as an “orientation”) is “not a choice” (sound familiar?);
• Efforts to treat pedophilia are “similar to methods used on homosexuals 50 years ago, and similarly ineffective”;
• “Minor-Attracted Persons” “do not exhibit narcissism, psychosexual immaturity…psychopathology, neurosis or any personality disorder more than people attracted to adults” (in other words, they're just like you and me).
One more thing: according to Kramer, many Minor-Attracted Persons “interact with minors in a variety of non-sexual ways and develop close friendships with them.”

Matt Barber says pedophile activists want to do away with age-of-consent laws.
How comforting to parents. As long as that 40-something man doesn’t act on his sexual desire to sodomize your 12-year-old son, it’s OK if they hang out together! (If you disagree, isn’t it about time you got over your “pedo-phobia”?) We’ll be watching this sinister agenda — which of course is mimicking the well-honed tactics and manipulative talking points of the Homosexual Lobby — very closely.
Evil begets evil, and we wouldn’t be writing about a “pro-pedophile conference” if it weren’t for the astounding success of a perversion/sin movement that calls itself “Gay.”
– Peter LaBarbera,

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