Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Government vs. " The people"

In America, where people still believe we are still a nation of laws, under the constitution nothing is farther from reality. The ones that feel that government is not oppressive simply have just not done their homework.

A nation "where all men are created equal" just isn't so. We have special interest groups seeking the advancemnt of their agenda and in the process torment and make crimminals of those who have a clear understanding of both law and history. This year we have a congress and president that appears to have a personal vendetta against people who are pro-American, in the true sense of liberty, freedom, limited government and above all, morality and personal responsibility.

Today instead of freedom we have been threatened or been victims of scare tactics for the governmetnt to fulfill their agenda. In this land of the free, the government now controls, the banking industry, the auto industry, food, energy, internet, the waterways, water supply, real estate, wall street, environment and MUST, ironically, submit to what it is that they impose upon the people who actually created the government that controls its people.

It has never been made more clear to me that some form of totalitarianism has crept into every fascet of society and has truly taken hold due to the indoctrination of our children through public school, the church and through our government.

I fear for our nation now more than ever for we are truly repeating history and have neglected the warning signs of Empires past.

Without God, my friends, there is no turning back, don't take my word for it, look at history and look at the Bible.

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