Monday, August 2, 2010

Idaho power and the Public utilities commission journal

This month, like every month, I sat down to pay my bills and knew the continual increase in rates would not have subsided but always wonder when the next one will occur.

I did something that this month that I don’t normally do due to the fact that inserts usually are a sign of more rate increases but knowing this, I decided to read this one anyway. When I began to read it I began to get furious for if I understood what I read to be true, it was worse than I had expected. There in the second paragraph read:

“Idaho Power also filed three requests with the IPUC, Idaho public Utilities Commission, on March 15which affect rates: The annual Fixed Cost Adjustment(FCA), funding for continued installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure( AMI), including smart meters, and a pension funding request.”

After reading this insert several times, I immediately called Idaho Power and spoke to the customer service rep to make sure I understood what I was reading to be accurate and I was assured it was. At this point I became more heated and asked a few questions about how the rates are determined and what factors are needed for these increases to take effect and she told me that the IPUC was actually in charge of setting rates and she gave me the phone number. I explained for a few more minutes about my concerns and she said she understood but there wasn’t anything she could do.

I Immediately hung up and called the number she had given me ( 334-0369) and I spoke with Glenda and told her why I was calling and she stated that I needed to speak to a commissioner but that they were all out of the office and one would return my call when they returned. I placed this call on 7-8-2010.

I received a call from Daniel on July 12, where we were to establish a time to meet to discuss my concerns, instead he called and asked for my email address and said that he would have Gene Fadness email me some information that should explain what I needed to know.He was polite and urged me to contact him after reviewing the documents and we could meet to discuss what concerns weren’t explained well enough and we agreed.

For the next few days, I had read and re-read the documentation sent by Gene and began compiling questions and thoughts about what I had read and as of July 17th, am ready to call a meeting with the commissioners letting them know I will be coming with others who share the same concerns. We have been in contact and we have a meeting August 4, 2010 at 3pm at the PUC office.

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