Thursday, July 11, 2013

KIDO with Sheriff Raney

KIDO call with Sheriff Raney

As I listen to your supremacy clause and statements about giving the Feds authority over the states, It brings the desire for me to question you about your knowledge of full power you possess to protect the people in your county from federal tyranny as the anti federalists were so concerned about.

You stated that we are a states rights nation on one hand and state that the feds are the laws that govern us on the other. You state again the state laws trump the fed laws and the fed laws trump the states in some cases without any expansion on your statements. From what I have heard, was it intentional to confuse or do you really believe what your saying?

The historical records show the separation of powers that you did mention but you never stated why it was important and in that statement is why it is important.The checks and balances were instituted for the express purpose of protecting the rights of the people from federal tyranny. Our founders clarified clearly that Fed law governs issues between the states and issues with trade and foreign issues not fabricated wars on drugs and spending millions of tax dollars expanding federal authority with uncongressional acts all which  destroys the purpose of those checks and balances

You stated that the supreme court interprets the law but you failed to mention its obvious subversion of it or where the checks and balances were on the Supreme Court? Don't checks and balances apply to all branches not just two? The written constitution was not written so that we could delegate authority to someone else like the bar association or courts to know what is lawful, it was the job of the people to be vigilant and know the law. 

The idea that the Supreme Court is the only entity that has constitutional understanding should be challenged at every turn because not only does it presently undermine the freedom of the people and the sovereignty of the states but mimic and return the problem we first ran from in the creation of this nation. Ask yourself what guarantee do the people have that their freedom will be preserved while we all bow to the nine tyrants in black robes that make it really no different from that full submission to the king also without checks land balances. 

If  we believe today that our system promotes justice, the war on drugs should be fought by the people questioning what drugs our government officials are on!

I believe the only way to get this out in the open is to challenge it. When it is reduced to opinions, it then becomes time to research our history books to find the real meaning and intention of the laws and pull out congressional records to see whom then is lawful and stand on the evidence, not some guy on the radio like me spouting off even some elected official that may have never been challenged on his knowledge, let history decide.

As for telling me I am wrong on the radio and then not allowing me to challenge you on that statement I find not only a bit disrespectful but cowardly.

These issues are my absolute passion so please note that this post is not a means to disrespect anyone but to promote people to think about what is happening to our country. At creation we had a constitution created to limit government today that is used to limit the people? How far does anyone need to go into the records to see how contradictory and illogical this is?

The facts are clear, any time a government has disarmed people through weapons and though education, it has demanded submission and control over the people it was created to serve its desire has always been incrementally used to return the people to bondage as servants to them at their expense.

As sheriffs of the counties, I explore you to clearly cut through the crap, cut through the political rhetoric and stand clear of the enforcement arm of the federal government and their bribery of funds to control your county. Your job as the supreme authority in the county was created to protect the people in your county from the encroachment of the central government, not for political posturing!

Sheriffs, law enforcement and other political subdivisions that now have (unconstitutional) law making authority I ask again for you and yours to open communication with me and people like me, we have done our homework, we do have solutions and desire a peaceful outcome but want more than anything for us to be on the same side, we are not your adversary like your are being told by the Feds.

I am available anytime to chat about anything. This is my country too dammit and the fight is on to save it from itself!

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