Friday, July 5, 2013

Filing a complaint on principle

I know some of you would never imagine this but I absolutely hated feeling like I had to file a complaint. It’s that gut wrenching feeling I get when I really never intended on disrupting someone’s job or their life? As a matter of fact before I filed its I called and told them how bad I felt to feel like I had to but as many things in my life, I didn’t do it to disrupt anyone’s life, I did it as respectfully as I could, on Principle not to harass but to challenge the continual over encroachment that is so prevalent these days. I just hope the complaint was taken the way it was intended.
 Dear Canyon County Sheriff and local law enforcement,

It was Tuesday, July 2, about 10:30 am, a beautiful glassy day at Lake Lowell, no one, we could see, was on the lake but nine of us on a ten passenger boat. It was a peaceful day looking like many days where we come during the week to avoid conflict and separate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the weekend boaters. As stressful as life is, it is good to avoid conflict whenever possible. We are seasoned boaters, we believe in personal responsibility for our own actions in everything we do, we have respect for others but we also know the proper role of government and the proper role of not only the family but government entities including law enforcement. This letter is to share that what happened on the lake that Tuesday afternoon that was an outrage and turned my smile, enjoying my family on the lake to a frown wanting to scream at someone exercising authority I feel they did not possess.

For years, we’ve been teaching friends to wakeboard and wake surf which is what we enjoy doing and part of that has always typically to stay as far away from other boats as possible. This day, it wasn’t hard to do, not a boat to be seen until…

I was in the water getting ready to be pulled up by my wife when an officer came up to us way too fast and flexed his superior muscle over us as we were peacefully minding our own business as he commands authority rudely stated that my wife did not raise her flag fast enough and rudely drove off!? This was an officer I don’t remember seeing before and know it was not Anderson because I know him well and believe we have mutual respect for one another; this it was an older heavier set guy. After his behavior and his demeanor I will say clearly that I find both intolerable! I do not like his attitude or the way he treated us because it was absolutely unnecessary creating such a disruption!

In case you don’t know who I am, ( I am sure you do) I am a lover of the law, history and yes, the Constitution, (Ridiculously, labeled a right wing terrorist by our beloved Federal government that was to have the same acknowledgement to the same documents?) I know my history and I know the proper role of government and what jurisdiction they have and when, this officer was out of line and I want this dealt with ASAP!

To be clear, I am not one that is submissive to an alleged” authority” when they do not possess it, however, If I am wrong I have no problem admitting it and will act accordingly.

The reason for this letter is to state what my case, clearly and without any misunderstanding.

As I recall, law enforcement has been on the water mainly on weekends although I’m not sure how long. Do you suppose that crime only happens when officers are present? I also noticed that there are only officers at the Nampa dock and not anywhere else? Am I to assume that crime does not occur when officers are not present or that officers don’t care about what happens at other locations? It is the thought of officers that people can no longer self-govern and that peace can only exist when officers are present? What part of this is consistent with American principles of Liberty and limited government when any entity can not only make law but can come up to people and disturb the peace rather than to protect it while harassing people that fund their existence?

So far, in all of my political activism, I see few, if any, checks and balances on governments power and all I see are more law enforcement  at the increased taxpayer expense “in the name of safety” that feel they can exercise their authority to not only apprehend us, harass us on the lake and force us to submit to possible laws that do not even exist or to themselves violate the alleged “laws “ that exist by coming up to us so fast to us in the water, not to mention creating  a wake that may disrupts our boat ( with babies on board) and our beloved wildlife?

As I see it, I am forced to ask what in God’s name are they teaching in academy?  Are they teaching the principles of Liberty on which clearly through an oath limits government through a written constitution protecting the people from an either rogue or ignorant government or teaching that they must obey any law created no matter how it violates the protection of the people from it?

In case it is not taught or known, law, originally was to punish those who commit evil toward another while praising and rewarding those that obey law. Officers evolved from the Shire Reef but were peace officers, not law enforcement! The position of Peace officers was to be available for those to be summoned when needed, not to disrupt people’s lives. If this was the foundation of law and it is still consistent with the oath of the preservation of freedom for future generations, how are the actions of overzealous officers consistent with the oath to support and defend the constitution when the constitution was written to limit government not to create endless laws to give government the authority to restrict the rights of the people anywhere and anytime without limitations?

As angry as I am about this issue, the anger was not necessarily generated as much by this issue alone, but the incremental paradigm shift in power from the preservation of the people’s freedom to an increased commanding presence demanding submission that does more to disturb the peace than to protect it.

My wish and intent of this letter, was not to chastise my local law enforcement, because I do have tremendous respect for what they do (believe it or not) but to hold my government accountable because it is my duty as a citizen and to question when I believe something is wrong. If this behavior is typical for every officer not only on the lake but everywhere else and people are not aware of the law and how it protects them, it is nothing less than harassment without limitations and no protection at all.

Why is law enforcement that was created to punish evil and to protect and reward good, today violate the rights of the people just because people don’t know what their rights are? Should not Peace officers be more protective of the rights of the people, educating them on the proper role of government than to educate and ENFORCE laws that is many cases have never been challenged constitutionally? Of course not, because in this education process, the officers would have to submit to the inherent power of the people as servants, rather than the tyrannical rule of government over its people. Please let me be clear, I am no fool, I am a believer in government and its proper role, I understand the value in a society of those that are personally responsible and believe that peace officers should be keeping the peace not disturbing it!

I believe what happened to me on the lake was extremely wrong for the reasons I stated above and I want it corrected. I have no problem making my voice heard or respectfully challenging authority because if there is no one that is looking out for the rights of the people, including mine, we are forced to fight for them ourselves and I will not only for myself but for others. How is it when one challenges authority, as citizens of this nation are called to do, they are considered argumentative, when we were minding our own business?

Overall, I am tired of the harassment, the surveillance, the mismanagement of funds, the lies with regards to “in the name of safety”, the adherence to an oath that no one even understands, and the continual criminalization of the people government was meant to protect. What blows my mind is that no one even stops to realize that many of the problems we face today have been created in an effort to alleviate others only compounding the issue. The solutions to these problems, in many cases are not that difficult.

If government’s true desire was to keep the peace and to function efficiently, even with the best intentions, it must be run by people with no understanding of the law or it indeed has changed its mission and its purpose and freedom and liberty as we know it are truly  no longer in existence.

I welcome any communication, to ask or to answer any questions and have no ill will or intent toward anyone.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas A. Munds








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