Thursday, October 4, 2012

Political hypocrisy!

No wonder people say they hate politics but do they? or do they like it because people today, rather than loving eachother, enjoy rather, to piss eachother off and instead of loving and helping our neighbor, its instead, about screwing them before they can screw you! Is this the really America today? It's the way I see it!

I read a quote once, "As is church so is the nation" would it be fair to say "As is is government so is the nation?" Look at us, look at our nation!!!

Are we harmonious or are we on the brink of chaos and civil unrest leading to martial law? This isn't rocket science people, come on!

We have a government that is doing the exact opposite of its intended creation, we have a people that acts contrary to its creation destroying a country contrary to its creation believing in a multitude of religions contrary to its creation and we think the economy is the problem? Seriously?

We have class warfare, and bicker about everything, we have a two party system that seems to promote the chaos as each side jockeys for control where in either case where the people will suffer  tremendously!

Sadly,we are all used to the Democrat Socialist Marxist propaganda so it is not necessary to go into details, although I could, but what is interesting to see from the inside is the actions and statements of the Republican party which confirms to me, if this path continues is the fulfillment of the Communist Manifesto in the indifference in political parties!

GOP statement below:

Romney Confidently Shows America the Right Direction for This Country

Boise, Idaho: At the conclusion of last night’s first Presidential Debate for 2012, Governor Romney showed the poise and character that Republicans have been waiting for in their Presidential Candidate.  At every turn and issue in the debate, President Obama’s demeanor seemed beat by the confident change expressed by Governor Romney. 

Throughout the debate, Governor Romney articulated the value of focusing on creating jobs and bringing strong sustainable growth back to our economy.  “Romney won the debate on taxes and the economy. Cutting federal spending and growing our economy is the right path to solving the debt crisis.” Peterson said.  The Governor made it clear that fixing the ‘moral issue’ of a $1 Trillion annual deficit, which will burden our children, is not possible through Obama’s plan. The President’s approach will raise taxes, which stalls the economy and hurts small businesses and families.  

Romney’s pro-growth, pro-jobs, and pro-reform plan was not the only success last night.  Romney was also assertive and fluent on healthcare.  The Governor assured the aging population that his plan would not affect them and would offer Republican-valued competition into the market to promote lowering the cost of health care.

The most striking point of the debate, according to Chairman Barry Peterson, was how Governor Romney came across as patriotic to the divinely expressed character of our nation’s founding fathers.  He was respectful of the deity articulated in the concepts put together in this great republic.

“Governor Romney’s patriotism was spontaneous and deeply from within himself during last night’s debate,” Chairman Peterson proclaimed.  “When you add that to his record of success in management, like that of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games, and business achievements we can be confident in his ability to lead this great nation in the right direction.”     

Today , the above statement was made by the Republicans in overwhelming support of Romney, an alleged family man, that supports traditional family and American values. Really?

If Romney is a American family values kinda guy, tell me why he is a CFR elite Globalist one world government member, tell me why he supports the NDAA Bill, why his state was one of the premier states to advance the sodomite agenda, why he supports the Patriot Act, Obamacare as Massachusetts seemed to lay the foundation and establishement of it in his own state and why he has invested in Stericycle that supports the killing of the unborn recyclinig baby parts for profit? What else ids there, Bain Capital, allegedly supported by and recipient of the banker bailout, and Im sure there is more...

Problem is, he speaks well, is confident, can speak without a teleprompter, wont quote the Quoran, he is an exceptional businessman and economically and mathematically savvy and in those areas I, myself, believe he is better than Obama but what is crucial to understand is that a new president doesn't change the direction of this country, it only changes the speed at which it implodes.

Is it possible to get a president that actually means what he says and would actually put the Constitution and limitations of government in support of his people instead of the fulfillment of a global agenda that the elite profits from at the expense of the American People?

The way I see it, if Romney is in support of the above listed issues, one can only deduce the following:

He is anti- family in that he supports murder of the unborn
He is anti- traditional marriage because he supports the sodomites.
He is anti-American in that he supports force and coercion on the people by forcing healthcare, indefinite detainment and as a CFR elite supports entities like the United Nations and Agenda 21 that will enslave the people!

Since when shall we be forced to choose between evil and evil? Is that all the choices we have today? As a matter of fact, no! Is not evil, still evil? and if you still vote for evil, will you not still get what you asked for? And you wonder why we, in this country, continue to have problems?

For more on Mitt Romney visit: or and in the seach bar at the upper right, type in Mitt Romney

Fellow uninformed alleged patriots will  argue, "Well a vote for a third party is a vote for Obama! and if you vote third party you are not American because Romney will lose!..."

My reply is " As an alleged Christian nation, Is it more American to vote for evil or against it and as long as we vote for evil will we not continue to get what we deserve and what would God say about that? would he bless a country that would support evil?"

...there is usually silence!

What is most crucial, I believe is to understand the purpose of the political cherade is to create chaos and to keep us occupied while an underlying agenda is being fulfilled. I was told by a wise man, It is wiser to look the opposite hand than the one that is distracting you!

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