Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What are your priorities?

What are your priorities?

By Tom Munds

Do you know more about football than your form of government? Do you know the penalty for a personal foul but have no idea when you or your child’s rights have been violated? Is it that football is much more fun? Or you feel like you wouldn’t have anything to offer, or don’t care, maybe you are well aware of current events and use football to take a break from the doom and gloom that you either feel or hear on the news?, maybe as a man you feel a testosterone rush as you re-live your adolescence living vicariously as a warrior on the football field cheering for your child or favorite football team?

What if I told you, the creation of football as a national rage was created on purpose as one of many diversionary tactics to keep you focused on things that don’t matter while an agenda was being fulfilled, to destroy the freedoms you hold so dear, would you believe me? probably not, years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it either but after studying history and the multitude of problems we face today, it is clear our subversion of government has taken place while we were either trusting our local elected officials, media, our federal government or all of the above, while we were attempting to provide for our families. There are some in office that do care but if they lack the proper knowledge of the limitations of government, they become as much of an enemy to freedom than one that  enters office to purposely take control they had no authority to take, after all “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, right?

Did you know that Hitler used the Olympics as a meeting place for his elite, to successfully plan his agenda? With the Olympics still fresh in the minds of many, can you recollect the frenzy as the millions flocked to their televisions to see what records would be broken? Did you find yourself a bit obsessed for a few weeks, I did. It is easy to understand the plausibility.

Were Hitler’s meetings unique to him alone? No, tyrant dictators often used diversionary tactics to either take the minds of the people off of things that would ordinarily concern them and/or force their people to submit in fear giving up every freedom they had in complete submission. These tactics are textbook and due to our own ignorance of history, we fall for them every time. A simple Google search will reveal such facts about such tactics.

Think about what diversions have occurred in our history. Race, Religion, wars, catastrophes, and genocides class warfare, rich vs. poor, republican vs. Democrat, Obama vs. Romney and Romney against Ron Paul, environment, TSA, energy, economy, public school vs., charter or private school, traditional or same sex marriage and believe it or not, sports!

Ask anyone what the biggest problem is, they will tell you “jobs” almost like they have heard it so many times, it’s programmed in some kind of attempt to divert your attention from a much more serious problem.

One example of many are “jobs.” In your mind are “jobs” the biggest problem? When you think “jobs” are you speaking personally or for the masses of unemployed? If you and your friends had jobs would the problem no longer exist? NO. Among other things, You have been diverted to believe that jobs are the problem, when in fact, the problem is much deeper than that. You have been told “Jobs” are the problem, so that you can learn to be more dependent on government, and if believed, allows the government to reach outside of its limitations to control you and your income and eventually everything else.

There are many instances of clever governmental diversionary tactics that are used on the unsuspecting person and if believed will crush the freedom of not only your generation but all future generations following yours. Are you willing to subject your children to a future without the freedom you enjoyed?

This article isn’t about whether I like or dislike football or if condemn those that play or attend games, I love the camaraderie and watching our children play, this is about knowing what is happening to your future while you are busy doing what you love and hopefully understanding that the reason I write, challenge and speak is not to appear like a nutcase, but that I love my community enough to truly attempt to protect what I believe they are losing without their knowledge.

I write these articles, not even actively campaigning in an attempt  to educate, to open dialogue, to be challenged, debated and to try to help others see what they perhaps don’t see or to say to those that understand, I am here, I am ready to listen to your concerns and fight for what is rightfully yours. If you are mad as hell, you have a right to be, if you aren’t, perhaps you’re not paying attention or need help understanding just what is happening while you are busy.

I ran for office several times to represent you, because I believe you and your children deserve your freedom to be protected. I don’t say this as an empty minded agenda driven politician would do but, in fact, live it, speak it, dream it and act upon it.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur, professional  teacher, soccer mom or a student in school, If you are concerned about issues related to your school board/district, your city council, your county commissioners, your court or law enforcement, or any other rights violation issue, I want to hear from you., even if you aren’t sure but feel something just isn’t right.

In the meantime, Consider going to a city council, school board, highway, irrigation district or county commissioners meeting, or ask your neighbor, child, husband, wife, student, teacher or girlfriend every day how their day went, about the interactions with law enforcement, other teachers, coaches or admin, share information on meetings, was there anything they had a hard time with, new rules or policies? Just begin, in some way, get involved because every day you don’t is another freedom  fought and died for, lost and in vain.

And finally, consider this: Are you willing to allow ANY government entity to make ANY policies that restrict the rights of you and your child in the name of safety or fear? And if so, where then are its limitations from complete control over your life? The ONLY answer is Your Constitution!

What are your priorities? What do pledge allegiance to? Would you cheerfully adorn your car with as many American flags, stickers and magnets as those in celebration of Boise’s Blue and orange?

It’s time that we begin to pay attention again, for as parents we were entrusted to preserve the freedom for our children. DO you care as much for your child’s freedom as you do for their education?

What are your priorities?

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