Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why do they hate us?

Glen Beck appears to have started the 9-12 project in order to unite Americans who believe in and enjoy the freedoms we have that were made by the sacrifice of others; to join in one accord to tell the world that we are still united and for we whom believe that we are not alone in that belief.

The project has gained tremendous steam, now the name calling starts. "Teabaggers, right wing extremists, birthers, deathers,etc" We are considered "obstructionists of progress" Why do they hate us? They claim to love America the way we claim to but abhor the founding principles, how is this possible? Has America itself become "relative?" That the principles that made this country great differ depending on who you are? Were our founders this way, I don't think so.

I have been regularly attending tea parties and political events and I always see those in oppostion and wondered why this is. I went to the 9-12 project website where I read the list of principles and values and was shocked that there could be anyone that opposes any of these?
Why would they? How could they unless they were more interested in taking America in a completely different direction, which seems to be the case.

The 9 principles:

1. America is good. ( if it isn't then why do you live here knowing then that you would have to also consider yourself part of the problem than the solution?)

2. Believe in God and He is the center of my life. ( Ah, here it is, dont believe in god?) Living in this country surrounded by Christians must be so difficult, since we were founded on His principles.

3. Always try to be more honest than yesterday. ( this is a bad thing?)

4. Family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government.( Can they hate family? Can they not run their lives better than their government can? or maybe not want to?)

5. If you break a law you suffer the consequences. ( Would it be better to let them go once they have stolen from you or raped your child or murdered one of your neighbors?)

6. Right to life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness BUT NO GUARANTEEE OF EQUAL RESULTS. ( If this upsets them how do they propose to acheive equal results for all? How will they make everyone live the same age, live without disease,be the same height, have the same amount of physical beauty, make the same wage without legalized plunder, live in same size house, drive same car? Who decides what "equal" is?

7. Work hard for what I have and share from the heart without government coercion and force to be charitable. ( how is peace and harmony to be acheived while making people do things they choose not to?)

8. It is not Un-American to disagree with authority or to share personal opinion.( I was labeled extreme for attending the tea party rally for utilizing my freedom of speech...evidentlly there is an adendum that limits what freedom is? Where? Who decides, the government?)

9. The government works for the people, they are servants to the people, we are not servants to the government. ( Are they suggesting that we wish to return to enslavement once again, that our country will be a better place if we give up our freedoms and the the government dictate them for us) I call this the apathy to bondage stage.


1. honesty
2. reverence
3. hope
4. thrift
5. humility
6. charity
7. sincerity
8. moderation
9. hard work
10. courage
11. personal responsability
12. gratitude

This country is a nation of laws, our Constitution is the law of the land, anything contrary is un-American and Un-patriotic! The call us ignorant but they ignore the facts. For those who think that these traits are not in America's best interest I would love to learn why?

Looking through history, all Societies before us have sold themselves back into slavery, the question is will we?

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