Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Governments plan,vitamin D and H1N1 lawsuit

The internet is ablaze with stories trying to get the word out about the governments plans for it's people. These stories below, I agree are hard to imagine as real but is their any proof that they aren't?

It would take much more than reading my posts to believe it were possible, as a matter of fact, "dollars to donuts", you would be guessing that I must be out of my mind and that I live to scare people. Nope, not into such things but rather inform on possiblities.

Here are some of the stories that came in I found of interest. Do people still roll their eyes when they hear the phrase "New world order?" Has what used to be considered a conspiracy theory now become a reality? What's going on behind the closed doors (where that must be the only place where transparency Obama spoke of exists)

Lawsuit Filed to Halt Swine Flu Vaccine Distribution

WASHINGTON – With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration scheduled to begin nationwide delivery this week of swine flu vaccine to 90,000 government-approved locations, attorney James Turner filed a complaint Friday in federal court in the District of Columbia for a Temporary Restraining Order to halt the distribution, licensing and use of four controversial vaccines -- including their use under an existing Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) -- until there has been adequate safety testing and a full opportunity for public hearings......... NWV News

Can Vitamin D Help Prevent H1N1 Swine Flu from Spreading?

It seems simple enough to understand. A well person contracts swine flu from a sick person, who, once sick, passes it along to another. In the case of H1N1 swine flu, most of the population is not familiar with the virus, thus it has the potential to readily spread from sick to well. Sick people are supposed to quarantine themselves to prevent transmission. Everyone else is supposed to get a vaccine. One small problem – what if the sick people aren’t really the ones spreading the infection? At first glance that sounds preposterous. A second look may cause you to pause and ponder...... Byron Richards, CCN

Millions of coffins in Georgia? We are in a dictatorship?

Government mandates vaccination, and plans to track with RFID bracelet, concentration camps...comply or deal with the consequences!
Massachusetts is doing it, Oklahoma is doing it...Who's next?

Suicide or homocide!!

Don't believe me?

Mandatory Vaccinations: Precedent and Current Laws (PDF)
Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington, and. Wisconsin. ... laws providing for mandatory vaccinations during a public health ... - 36k - Cached

Military Confirms States Deciding Mandatory Vaccination ...
We Are Change Colorado asks hard-hitting questions of Captain Raymond Strikas of ... H1N1 Montana mandatory vaccinations 2009 oklahoma mandatory vaccinations ... - 59k - Cached

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