Thursday, November 14, 2013

Are our Sheriffs dangerous to liberty?

In a call to Kevin Miller’s morning radio show, I am always graciously accepted to ask questions I believe few seem to demand from our local officials, yesterday was one of our county sheriff’s.

Although I have had the pleasure of meeting with him several times and I feel blessed for that opportunity as he is a seemingly respectful nice guy, I have become increasingly concerned about his motives or his understanding of his position and I believe it warrants legitimate concern.

The question I posed to him yesterday was “if I had proof of officials and agencies in your county that had no understanding of the constitution and their limitations of their office, would that be a concern for you and would you be willing to meet with me so that I may show you the evidence?” The question was not as much to get the chance to meet with him because I know he already would, but to plant the seed in the minds of people to begin to ask just what the hell is going on in our state and our country.

I have heard him speak of the separations of power and how important it is that we should know them one hand then I hear about him praising his cozy relationships with the feds on the other. In addition to this, he stated one hand that we are all entitled to have our own opinions of the constitution but somehow that the Supreme Court is the supreme law of the land and that all states are bound to such laws? Are you kidding me?

Sheriff, do you not fully understand the power you possess as the supreme authority of your county? Do you not understand your duty is not to aid the feds but to specifically protect your county and the people from the federal abuses?

Do you not have any understanding of the jurisdictional boundaries between the states and the feds as you preached that the knowledge of the separation of powers is so important? Do you not understand that the Supreme Court cannot make law and that if the states or county’s felt that the opinion was unlawful they could overrule that opinion? If you couldn’t, how would fleeing from British tyranny be any different from 9 tyrants in black robes?

Sheriff, there are checks and balances and separation of powers that exist but without a basic understanding of them along with the tremendous power sheriff’s possess, they are not fit for the position of which they hold and have instead become a danger to those that they claim to protect.

Sheriff, I’ve met you, you seem a nice guy but this isn’t about personalities, this is business and an effort to protect our county’s, our state and our nation from the abuses of power but one must recognize these abuses or there is no point in funding the position.

We the people are the masters, the government we created are our servants. The rights belong to the people and are unalienable, which means that no man (or government) can take them away.

The constitutions and the laws of the state of Idaho were written as general guidelines for a peaceful society, not to be used against them to criminalize them.

The federal constitution and Bill of Rights was written as declarations to the feds on what the states authorized them to do, all else is left to the states or the people, it specifically limited the federal government from meddling in the affairs of the state.

The state constitution was written by the people to limit government to protect the rights of the people limiting state government to few and enumerated powers as well, to limit government while maximizing and preserving the freedom of the people to move unrestricted without government abusing its power, criminalizing its people.

The state statutes originally were to be created like the federal statutes at large to streamline the government not to encroach upon the rights of the people because our rights are unalienable, given to us by our Creator, protected by our constitutions.

In addition, the Supreme Court was not charged with the duty of interpreting law; it was with knowledge of it, to apply it correctly. Why would the Founders that fled from the tyranny of the king, to safeguard their liberty, come here to create government that would again rob their power and authority as a free people only to subject them to what they fled from?

If you somehow feel that what I have written is subject to opinion and that we are all allowed to have our own opinions, how do justify law when your opinion and mine or others differ? Isn’t written law so that all parties understood clearly what was lawful and what wasn’t? If it is subject to opinion, whose opinion, mine as the master and inherent power or yours as the servant/employee or the majority in a democracy that is a foreign form of government to ours?

The fact that it is believed that the opinion of the state trumps the people, that the federal government is supreme to that of the state and that, as a sheriff, one must yield to an authority that is KNOWN to be unlawful is not only a violation of office and public trust and erodes the checks and balances but is extremely dangerous to liberty.

It is beyond me that we have elected officials in office that don’t even have the basic knowledge of what they say they support under oath!

With all due respect to my government officials, you may have the best of intentions but the “road to hell is paved with good intentions” and “MY people shall be destroyed for lack of knowledge” and “those that give up a bit of freedom for security deserve neither and both will be destroyed” and “those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it” and “any nation that does not know where it came from, has no idea of where it’s going.” Are these quotes familiar?

We can see that happening, can’t we?

My desire from this post is not to ridicule or personally attack someone’s character, it is to state the issues clearly and to clarify that this is not the fault of one man or a small group or people, this is decades of ignorance promulgated on the people. This is my attempt to say to all of any influence, let’s look at the issues for what they are, let us admit were in trouble and let us unite, not for the sake of money or the fulfillment of an agenda, but to join hands and restore liberty back to the people, to earnestly care about one another and for our future generations because if we do nothing, America as we knew it is gone and I won’t have that blood on my hands.

My desire is to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem as long as the solution is the preservation of who we were as a nation, consistent with our founder’s principles and the documents created for the preservation of those principles and not subject to opinion but based on fact.

Tom Munds




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