Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thoughts on Congressman Simpson, Kevin Miller and me...

I have had the wonderful privilege to be on air with Kevin Miller in the mornings as a call in contributor. Kevin, God bless him, allows me to go on air and challenge government entities, in my view and purpose, to try to eduate people or get people to think critically about what these people are saying to their constituents. It is my belief that the political posture and evasion of tough questions many times go unnoticed to our tremendous detriment, Congressman Simpson is no different in that regard to what we heard on the radio this morning and ill tell you why.

In recent interviews in have had with a variety of elected officials, including Brad Little, Tom Luna, Canyon county sheriff Donahue, Ada county sheriff Raney, ISP corporal and Boise city police chief mike Masterson, and a variety of city council members, and others, whom I enjoy speaking with in person and seem like good men,  its interesting because there is no apparent continuity, almost like they run solely on what they believe exposing the major disconnect within government. Don't get me wrong, it isn't that they are not entitled to opinion, but the people should not have to suffer at the multitude of opinions being made as law that do nothing to protect our freedom but take those freedoms away and they are as inconsistent in what they say as the difference in their opinions are. This inconsistency or Cluster*^%*^=% as i call it shows how much trouble we not only as a nation are in but here in idaho with our local government.

A few recent interviews sum up that we have a government that partly believes we are a republic while our law enforcement and others believe we are a democracy, we have congressman that believe our feds are acting unlawful , believe in state sovereignty but support appropriations for the expansion for increased federal encroachment upon the states? These few examples may not seem serious to you but think of the implications. Isn't really that the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing? How can a congressman and a governor stand on the fact we are a constitutional republic while the  people are being terrorized by their government? How can we be a republic and run efficiently as a republic when our chief of police and other law enforcement and local government officials think we are democracy and that there is no difference between the two forms of government? Is many body paying attention?

Simpson said this morning that he is proud to be on appropriations for things like the EPA and the Federal lands. When i questioned him this morning i asked him what form of government we had and isn't it inconsistent to speak of your support for state sovereignty on one hand while you support unconstitutional federal control over issues of the state? He stated that we were a republic ( must be like a Chinese republic) and that if he felt something was unconstitutional he wouldn't vote for it because he swore and oath! Nice works congressman but I ain't buying it!

Mr. Simpson answer me this, my dear friend,  If the establishment and encroachment of a multitude of federal entities was constitutional, wouldn't these entities have been included in the few specific and enumerated powers in our constitution understanding that the purpose of the constitution was to limit government, especially the federal government overreaching in the affairs of the state without expressly delegated authority through the constitution? Wasn't the purpose of the federal government to deal with foreign affairs and MAINTAIN(not restrict) COMMERCE between the states and national security? Which one of these categories does your support for lands and the EPA fall under?

Congressman Simpson, myself and your constituents, if i may boldly stand on their behalf, resent the fact that you can say what you do on the radio and assume that the people that supported you are stupid and you can get away with speak nothing but inconsistencies that yield tremendous unintended consequences that result either from your ignorance of what you do or on purpose which would make you as guilty of treason as our federal government of whom you love to ridicule. 

Congressman, senators, governors, law enforcement entities, what do you say we have a come to jesus meeting where you are forced to answer the tough questions you have been avoiding all these years? Don't you think that the people have a right to know you are selling them down the road either because you can't see what is happening or you are doing it on purpose? 

My dream is to be in a position where i can hold my government accountable, like we the peope once upon a time were supposed to be able to. I would risk my reputation and all I know to have you prove me wrong in a public forum, I have no problem facing any of you anywhere!

In summary, with every chance I have to ask the tough questions,I become increasingly more fearful not only of what government is doing, but whether they are really ignorant or are doing what they do on purpose.

Congressman, your comments  on the radio this morning were outrageous and I want you to know I see right through you.

Idaho, if you do not wake up, we're screwed!

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