Friday, June 18, 2010

BP, more of what theyr'e not telling you

This is the second post in efforts to expose the theory surrounding the BP and our blessed government. Please check it out. If you live in the sountern states you may want to take special care to listen and prepare.



Richard C. Hoagland just broke tonight that he spoke to geologists who confirmed that there is a bubble forming on the ocean form around the drill site that is 15-20 miles across and 10s of feet high.

He spoke to the person responsible for putting out the well fires in Kuwait, who also WARNED prior to this about the dangers of deep wells like this, and he is stating that the real danger here is that there is a cavitation process going on here with the high pressures which can eventually create a huge bubble of gas reaching the surface. This could take weeks or months, but when it happens it will have several consequences:

1. All rigs and boats in the area will sink because the gases will immediately change the buoyancy of the water. This includes all the clean up crews and those drilling the relief well.

2. 50 miles off the LA coast there will be a Mt. St. Helens type explosion of toxic gases which will be blown onto shore by the winds

3. A massive 400-600 mph tsunami which would likely devastate Florida given the entire state is essentially at sea level.

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Please watch this series and others in reelated to stories.

Again, do your homework and pray. If you don't believe, now may be a great time to start!

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