Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Have “We the people” in America lost our minds? Have we become a nation under the influence of something so powerful that it has made us lose all rationale, all common sense? Do we still have respect for the sacrifices that have been made for our freedoms and for our Constitution? Did you know that we are farther from a free country than we have ever been?

Before I begin giving examples of irrational behavior maybe it is a good time to list some of the 10 planks of the Communist manifesto. Is it possible that this country got where it is by accident or is this all part of a plan to destroy the last free country in the world? Maybe after reading them we will be able to see our direction a bit more clearly.

These planks were written as the steps to destroy free enterprise and initiate the ultimate in a socialist state.

Abolition of private property, heavy graduated income tax, abolish rights to inheritance, centralize the banks, equal liability for labor, take over auto industry, unions, education, media and to ultimately gain full control over the citizens of which are governed in addition to doing away with loyalty oaths and symbols of our nations sovereignty and anything that lifts us above other nations, after all we are all to be equal.

Have we become sheep just following others, doing what we are told trusting the government like lambs to the slaughter?

Ever wonder why people voluntarily accept vaccinations without ever questioning how they are made, if they are safe and if they have been tested? Is it because we trust that the government is looking out for our best interest? Why are they pushing so hard and so adamant about forcing it on the people even before it was even tested. Is this Constitutional?

More examples of other odd behaviors are:

Our schools are beginning to teach our children sex education beginning in kindergarten, does it teach them to be promiscuous at an earlier age? Our schools teach children to accept homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. Do we focus on the importance of the heterosexual lifestyle in public school or should this be left to be taught at home? Is this indoctrination or education?

In the last few weeks there were several instances where students were effected by the zero tolerance weapons ban at school.

One school district considered suspending a six year old student and considered sending him to reform school for having a eating utensil used for camping at his elementary school claiming that there was a zero tolerance for weapons.

The other incident was a high school student that was suspended for having a pocket knife in the glove compartment of his car. They considered not only suspending him but wanted to consider suspending his future plans to attend WestPoint the following year.

Why have public schools forced and adhered to zero tolerance rules while also forcing our children to be tolerant of other issues at the same time, is this consistent? Why does the government feel they have the elevated control over the parent to teach the children what they feel is right without consideration of the parents? What gives the schools or the president of the United States the authority to impose their agenda upon our children when they know that there are a great many that disagree with this administrations policies.

Our public schools across the country that are forced to separate the church from the state but find it acceptable to sing praises to Obama that “He will save us?” using church hymns?

Isn’t it strange that our current president with all of the problems our nation faces still has time to expand his reach, campaign for other candidates, make appearances on late night television, make daily appearances on mainstream news media, with the exception of Fox, become a lobbyist for his own programs, push them, sell them, repackage them and still have time to save the world? Does anyone realize the fact that we expect the president to fix our economy is a violation of the Constitution and by expecting him to do so has willingly given him unconstitutional control?

Why do you suppose we believe that the government can take better care of us that we can as individuals?

Did you know that our congress plans to pass and shove their legislation down our throats using scare tactics not even bothering to read the bill they are supporting even if we don’t like it, is there reasoning because we just don’t understand it or knowing there are some of us who will vote for it without even knowing what it says.

Do we understand that the government itself has no money and that “Tax dollars” is money that the government receives from the money we pay to the government in the form of taxes? Do we understand that allowing the government to expand in size, power and control will erode the freedoms of the citizens returning us to the bondage and tyranny we fled from just before America was established? Still no one questions the unconstitutional nature of such government overreach?

Why does congress believe we should apologize to other countries for our behavior, to make friends with our enemies? Do they believe that they would not have been our enemies if they had been better understood? Should we really grant known terrorists rights, amnesty and healthcare at the expense of those they tried to kill? Are we to understand that violent religions are peaceful even if the evidence is to the contrary?

It is hard to understand the Constitutionality of the 30 presidential appointed czars that somehow are immune to any congressional approval ultimately left only to answer to the president? As a man who has sworn to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States why do all of his appointees have ties to communism and whom give great reverence to dictators like Mao Tsedong, Saul Aulinski, Karl Marx and others?
Why is it so important that this administration passes this healthcare overhaul, why does it have to have a public option and why does it have to be government run?

Has anyone noticed that the legislation passed by this administration has been pro-government and all been passed by force using scare tactics? Our government has taken over the media, the banking industry, the auto industry, real estate, healthcare, food industry and the economy as a whole. They have printed money, created tremendous debt through bailouts, stimulus packages and other programs including the clunkers program without listening to their constituents?

Do we really believe that the stimulus, bailouts, clunkers have helped? We are told that the lack of immigration reform and open borders, cap and trade disarming the military and compromising national security will make us stronger?

We are told that our economy is improving regardless of the 500k jobs lost every month and watching the stock market go up- He told us not to watch the DJIA when it was down because it was not an accurate account of what is happening but now that it is up it is ok?
How can the DJIA be going up with continual decline in the economy, is it being manipulated before a major collapse?

We are told that our economy is improving because of the GDP numbers increase of 3.5 % but have we forgotten why this happened? Was it not from the temporary government program meant to generate the economy and since the programs termination will bring the same dismal numbers as before the programs inception? Somehow they left out the fact that the clunkers program left each taxpayer with a bill of about 5000.00 for the program-Who will pay this debt?

It has been said that if we continue to go in this direction that our economy will continue to recover, can someone tell me how this is possible and how we can avoid what I believe to be a future of chaos, civil unrest due to the socio-economic collapse that appears inevitable and what will fail in comparison to the last revolution?

Isn’t it interesting that within our first amendment of the bill of rights that the government has managed to separate the church from the state and regulate the redress of grievances but somehow has failed to restrain the freedom of the press? How many ways are their to interpret the right to bear arms shall not be infringed?

Is the government telling us that they know what is better for us than we do, resembling the entitlement , nanny state?

I am intrigued by the ability of this administration to change the definitions of words and their intentions to deceive people into going along with their agenda if it is not accepted the first time?

When people rose up about the taxation they told us that paying taxes was our patriotic duty, when they began the acquisition of the banks, the auto industry, healthcare they said that spreading the wealth wasn’t socialism. They say people in opposition to their agenda were right wing extremists and should be labeled as domestic terrorists but the middle eastern terrorists should be given benefits at the expense of those who have been labeled as such?

Can they continue to pass agendas just by changing the name to something more appealing?

Can we spend our way into prosperity as our government leads us by example? How would that work for my family?

Can we really pass a 1.3 trillion dollar healthcare overhaul without incurring a tax burden on the citizens as promised, how does that work when the nation debt is a direct reflection of the burden tax payers will have to pay?

We are told that global warming is a fact and that we are in danger of passing a point of no return, why was it the name changed from global warming to climate change now stating that cooling is also a result of the global warming. Do we really believe this?

Over 50 years have passed where we have somehow become comfortable believing that abortion is a choice, calling it women’s health, while avoiding the fact that it is a termination of an innocent life? Why is it that we punish those who commit murder but not those who terminate lives for a living, is there a difference simply because the government says there is? We call the murder of 5-15 people a massacre but somehow forget about the 50 million babies whom have had their lives terminated for the sake of convenience, as a choice?
Why are murderers not given their right to choose whether someone lives or dies and why are they punished, are we not being tolerant of others?

How is it we can call it education when we indoctrinate our children with propaganda about evolution without creation, to promote global warming and its dire consequences without facts, that we can sing praises to our president as though he is the messiah, that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle giving them special rights, that this countries history deserves to be re-written because it offends others, That our flag is now some kind of disgrace?

Have we bothered to teach that neither evolution or creation is a fact, that the world may or may not be billions of years old because carbon dating has been proven false in 1973, that Atheism and Humanism were both acknowledged as religions by the supreme court, that homosexuality violates every law known to man including civil, natural and biblical law?

Why do we deny our Christian heritage regardless of the evidence to the contrary, do we believe that our government has not committed numerous Constitutional violations and that paying taxes is patriotic, while those opposing the government is an act of terrorism?
My children this past year have been made to believe that our founding fathers were homosexuals, that regardless of your religion evolution is a fact, that Obama will save us, that this country was not founded on Christian principles and that it is illegal to link Christianity with the history of this country.

Why do we believe we can do socialism better than any other country in history aside from the fact that it has failed to accomplish what the governments said it would accomplish and only ended up in hardships for the citizens it was supposed to help and only advantageous to the government who imposed it.

Have we become so stupid as a country that we believe that when something bad happens that we need to create laws to prevent it from happening again and when it does we question why?

The evidence concludes that as time goes on we have become more imperfect, more uncivil and more disrespectful contrary to the views of non-believers that believe we are reaching perfection.

We have become a people who are accustomed to going after brush fires without going to the source of what starts them. We have become so focused on all of the little things but have somehow failed to understand and attack these issues at the source where these little fires begin.

Do you know that we have a state law that states that automobiles must stop at crosswalks to prevent hitting our children and other citizens?

Do you realize we just bombed the moon in search for water? Has anyone thought of the significance of the moon and its importance to life on Earth?
Are we nuts?

We have government funded organizations like:

Battered womens council
Childhelp usa
National center for missing and exploited children
National center for victims of crimes
Crime prevention council
Domestic violence hotline
Fraud hotline
Parents of murdered children
Sexual violence resource center
Rape, abuse and incest network and others

If we are truly a nation who cares for eachother and others around the world how would you explain that to another country if these were on our resume?

60 years ago God began being removed from society, from politics and public school, we have become a nation of increased government, corruption and the intense desire to create laws. Are these laws and increase in government to replace our own individual common sense or do we no longer have any.

We are truly a nation who is under the influence. Is our nation truly better of without God, the evidence is there for you to decide.

The bible says, A country or government that does not serve me shall perish.
Isaiah 60:12

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